Meethika Dwivedi

Meethika Dwivedi: Lucknow’s Comedy Dynamo

Meethika Dwivedi, the comedic sensation from Lucknow, swiftly rose to fame during the lockdown, becoming one of India’s fastest-growing comedy influencers. With nearly 3 million Instagram followers, her humorous videos in native Hindi portray everyday scenarios with a delightful Lucknowi charm.

Known for collaborations with actors like Jimmy Sheirgill and Rajkummar Rao, Meethika’s versatility shines alongside established talents. Recently partnering with Star Sports, she solidifies her presence in the comedy influencer space, bridging regional authenticity with digital humor.

Meethika Dwivedi’s comedic journey blends cultural charm with laughter, providing a regional flavor that resonates widely. A beloved figure, she continues to tickle funny bones while authentically representing Lucknow’s unique charm in the digital comedy landscape.

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