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Top 10 Indian Influencers and Bloggers

   1.Kritika Khurana :@thatbohogirl

     Followers : 1.8M

     Instagram :

Intro : Recognized for her impactful fashion sense and compelling content, she’s a leading figure in the fashion blogging and influencer sphere. Her distinctive style and empowering messages resonate deeply with her audience, making her a source of inspiration for countless followers.

2.Kusha Kapila : @kushakapila

Followers : 3.5M

Instagram :

Intro : Known for her relatable humor and entertaining video content, she has established herself as a prominent social media influencer. Her approachable demeanor and comedic flair captivate audiences, earning her widespread recognition and admiration in the digital sphere.

3.Aashna Shroff : @aashnashroff

Followers : 1M

Instagram :

Intro :Renowned for her impeccable sense of fashion and daring escapades, she has garnered widespread acclaim for her stylish demeanor and globe-trotting adventures.

4.Gaurav Taneja : @taneja.gaurav

Followers : 3.9M

Instagram :

Intro : Gaurav Taneja, commonly referred to as Flying Beast, is a celebrated Indian YouTuber and aviator famed for his vlogs, fitness content, and inspirational videos.

5.Luke Coutinho : @luke_coutinho

   Followers :562K

   Instagram :

Intro :The author is a distinguished holistic lifestyle coach with expertise in integrative medicine and holistic wellness techniques.

6.Natasha noel : @natashanoel001

Followers : 425K

Instagram :

Intro : A prominent Indian artist and influencer widely acknowledged for her uplifting yoga routines and empowering messages promoting self-love and healing.

7.Shagun Segan Bisht : @daughterofzeusblog

Followers :10.9K

Instagram :

Intro :Hailing from India, she’s a fitness enthusiast and coach celebrated for her motivational fitness content and effective workout regimens.

8.Nivedith Gajapathy : @nivedithg

Followers : 336K

Instagram :

Intro : Renowned as a travel vlogger and content creator, he is acknowledged for his captivating travel documentaries and adventurous exploration of uncharted destinations.

9.Nikhil sharma : @nikkkhil

Followers : 1.4M

Instagram :

Intro :Mumbiker Nikhil, a well-known Indian YouTuber and vlogger, chronicles his motorcycle journeys and travel escapades.

10.Shivya Nath : @shivya

Followers : 115K

Instagram :

Intro :An Indian travel blogger and writer acclaimed for her solo travel adventures and commitment to promoting sustainable tourism.

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