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Top 10 Indian Comedians

1.Zakir Khan : @zakirkhan_208

Followers :6.2M

Instagram :

Intro :Zakir Khan, famously dubbed the “Sakht Launda” of Indian comedy, has amassed a colossal online audience with his charming and relatable performances. His rise to fame came after clinching victory in Comedy Central’s “India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian” competition in 2012, and he has since graced numerous shows on Indian OTT platforms. Be sure not to overlook his acts such as “When I met a Delhi Girl,” “What happens when you fail in an exam!” and “Life Mein Chahiye Izzat.”

2.Vir Das :@virdas

Followers : 1.5M

Instagram :

Intro :Vir Das, a pioneer among stand-up comedians in India, has ventured into Bollywood movies, television shows, and prominent comedy festivals worldwide. Additionally, he has penned comedy columns for esteemed publications such as Femina, Maxim, and Tehelka. Be sure not to overlook his renowned acts, including “Indians are Racist-ish” and “Indians are Homophobic.”

3.Sorabh Pant : @sorabhpant

Followers : 99.8

Instagram :

Intro : Sorabh Pant, an early trailblazer in the Indian comedy landscape, began his journey by collaborating with Vir Das before establishing the comedy collective East India Comedy in 2012. Alongside fellow comedians, he graced stages at comedy clubs across India and abroad. Don’t miss his standout performances, including “Engineering Colleges: Stupid Rules” and “Uncles on WhatsApp?”

4.Rahul Subramanian : @rahulsubramanic

Followers : 847K

Instagram :

Intro : Rahul Subramanian, previously immersed in the corporate realm with experience in e-commerce, branding, and digital marketing, has transitioned into a beloved stand-up comedian in India. His uproarious performances frequently strike a chord with the urban middle class. Make sure not to overlook his comedic gems, such as “Break Up and MBA” and “India and Pakistan.”

5.Radhika Vaz : @radhika_vaz

Followers : 1,563

Instagram :

Intro : Radhika Vaz, a trailblazing female comedian in India, is celebrated for her bold and occasionally controversial performances, which daringly confront societal norms surrounding women. Her distinctive humor offers a refreshing take on gender stereotypes. Notably, her memorable act “What the F**k should I wear?” saw her bravely strip down naked in collaboration with the fashion brand FabAlley, challenging taboos. Another standout performance worth watching is “Why do men and women have separate toilets?”

6.Kunal Kamra : @kuna_kamra

Followers :1M

Instagram :

Intro :Kunal Kamra, who began his career as a production assistant in an advertising agency before venturing into comedy, has left his mark in various ad films and OTT shows. Renowned for his comedy that often takes aim at politicians and the government, he’s known for acts like “Patriotism & the Government” and “Revisiting Demonetisation.” Additionally, his YouTube show “Shut Up Ya Kunal!” has garnered popularity, featuring interviews with notable figures such as Arvind Kejriwal, Javed Akhtar, Ravish Kumar, and Asaduddin Owaisi.

7.Kenny Sebastian : @kennethseb

Followers :1M

Instagram :

Intro :Kenny Sebastian has made appearances in international shows and has been featured on various OTT platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. His stand-up performances, such as “Middle-class restaurant problems & Indian Parents,” “OCD,” and “Electricity at Home,” are must-watch acts.

8.Kanan Gill : @kanangill

Followers : 634K

Instagram :

Intro : Kanan Gill gained prominence through his collaborations on Pretentious Movie Reviews with Biswa Kalyan Rath. Since then, he has showcased his talents at premier comedy clubs nationwide and on leading OTT platforms like Amazon Video and Netflix. Notable highlights from his repertoire include the Prem Aggan Review and Siblings.

9.Biswa Kalyan Rath : @biswakalyanrath

Followers : 404K

Instagram :

Intro :Biswa Kalyan Rath, hailing from Odisha, catapulted to fame through his collaboration with Kanan Gill on Pretentious Movie Reviews. Since then, he has emerged as a leading figure in Indian stand-up comedy, gracing comedy clubs across the nation and appearing on numerous OTT platforms. Noteworthy performances to catch include “Biswa Kalyan Rath – Extroverts and Chaos” and “Uber and Me.”

10.Atul Khatri : @one_by_two

Followers :286K

Instagram :

Intro :Atul Khatri, formerly a CEO in a family-owned computer business, transitioned his career towards stand-up comedy. Renowned for his performances in diverse comedy clubs and as a member of the East India Company, he’s also graced TV commercials for prestigious brands and featured in multiple OTT shows. Among his notable comedy acts are “Atul Khatri on the Justin Bieber Concert” and “When your child turns 18.”

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