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Top 10 Indian Stand-Up Comedians

1.Anubhav Singh Bassi : @be_a_bassi

Followers : 3.3M


Intro :In another reality, Anubhav could’ve pursued law or bureaucracy due to his qualifications, but thankfully, he embraced comedy as BassiJi. After trying various paths, he found his niche and soared to success with over 35 lakh YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Instagram followers. His comedic genius reigns supreme in the realm of laughter.

2.Gaurav Kapoor :@gauravkpoor

Followers :776K


Intro :Gaurav Kapoor, a Delhi-based comedian, has risen to fame at 35 with his hilarious acts and anecdotal humor. Both his live shows and Instagram reels captivate audiences, earning him nearly 355K social media followers. Keep an eye on this emerging comedic talent in India!

3.Aakash Gupta : @theskygupta

Followers :1.4M


Intro :Stand-up comedy is burgeoning in India, and Aakash Gupta stands out as a stellar performer. His shows are side-splitting, leaving audiences in stitches and rolling on the floor with laughter. With a staggering 1 million Instagram followers, he’s a comic force to reckon with. Don’t miss out – book your tickets for his next show and treat yourself to a hilarious experience!

4.Abhishek Upmanyu : @aupmanyu

Followers : 2.9M


Intro :Abhishek Upmanyu, hailing from Delhi, transitioned from engineering to become one of India’s most popular stand-up comedians. With 1.4 million Instagram followers and over 4 million YouTube subscribers, his comedic talent has earned him widespread acclaim.

5.Aditi Mittal : @addymitzy

Followers : 99.4K


Intro :Aditi Mittal, a trailblazer, is one of India’s earliest female stand-up comedians. Pioneering the genre before it gained popularity, her satirical acts have captivated audiences. From class clown to acclaimed comedian, her humor is refreshingly unique and thought-provoking, setting her apart in the industry.

6.Kunal Kamra : @kuna_kamra

Followers : 1M


Intro :Kunal Kamra, a household name, thrives on staying relevant through any publicity. Known for his popular shows and comedic acts, he’s equally notorious for stirring controversy, particularly with his jokes about politicians and the government. Despite the challenges of being a famous Indian comedian tackling such sensitive subjects, he’s amassed a cult following with his YouTube show “Shut up ya, Kunal!” Making him one of India’s most controversial stand-up comedians.

7.Harsh Gujra : @realharshgujral

Followers :2M


Intro : Harsh Gujral, a leading stand-up comedian in India and popular social media personality, is a powerhouse of entertainment. With fresh, light, and contemporary humor, his easygoing narrative style resonates well with audiences. Don’t miss the chance to catch his show in your town for a bucketful of laughter with friends and family.

8.Kapil Sharma : @kapilsharma

Followers :45.5M


Intro :Kapil Sharma, known for his crass yet hilarious humor, has become a household name in India. While not a regular stand-up performer, “The Kapil Sharma Show” has garnered immense popularity among older audiences. Renowned for his impeccable comic timing, Kapil has established himself as a popular show host, aiding celebrities in promoting their projects. Regardless of one’s preferences, his undeniable wit and charm earn him a well-deserved spot among the top 20 stand-up comedians in India.

9.Atul Khatri :@one_by_two

Followers : 286K


Intro :Atul, a multifaceted talent, is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian comedy scene. Known for his hilarious rants, witty tweets, and confident stand-up acts, he leaves a lasting impression wherever he performs. With a background in engineering and an MBA, Atul initially worked as a CEO before venturing into comedy. His success, including winning CEO’s Got Talent Season 1, showcases his dedication and excellence in both corporate and comedic pursuits.

10.Aishwarya Mohanraj : @aishwaryamrj

Followers: 730K


Intro : This witty female comedian earned her spot on the list with her quick timing and enviable confidence. She shone among the top 10 comedians on Comicstaan, Season 1. Beyond stand-up, she’s a YouTube sensation with millions of views on her videos. Her Instagram reels, featuring her parents and boyfriend, further cement her status as a social media star.

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