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Top 10 Motorcycle Vloggers

1.Nikhil sharma :@nikkkhil

Followers :1.4M

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Nikhil Sharma, also known as Mumbiker Nikhil, India’s top moto-vlogger with a YouTube channel boasting over 3.14 million subscribers. Considered a pioneer in the field, his videos have amassed millions of views, making him a trailblazer in popularizing moto-vlogging in India.

2.Ogden Fernandes  :@oggy_f

Followers :30.1K

Instagram :

Intro :Ogden Fernandes, aka Oggy F, started riding a motorcycle to reduce travel time but fell in love with it. He began vlogging four years ago, gaining popularity with his series “Bad Mumbai Drivers” highlighting traffic risks. He also posts riding vlogs and product reviews, aiming to influence younger riders positively.

3.Jasminder Singh :@jsfilmsindia

Followers :865K

Instagram :

Intro :JS Films, led by Jasminder Singh, known as Jaysn, epitomizes the “extrovert on a bike” persona. With his quirky jokes and Desi style, he captivates audiences while exploring Indian culture through moto-blogging. Jaysn, a top Indian moto-vlogger, showcases his pro bike skills and inspires youth bikers through road trips across various regions of India.

4.Mohammed Salim Khan :@msk_s1991

Followers :446K

Instagram :

Intro :MSK Vlogs, led by Mohammed Salim Khan (MSK), is a renowned Indian YouTube channel featuring vlogs. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, MSK is a blogger, traveler, and filmmaker known for his bike riding adventures. With over 1.15 million subscribers, he showcases his journeys across Mumbai and beyond, often featuring his KTM Duke 390, YAMAHA R1, Triumph Tiger 800, and Volkswagen Polo bikes.

5. Vikas Rachamalla :@rvkvikas

Followers :11.8K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Vikas Rachamalla, a moto-vlogger hailing from Hyderabad. With an impressive collection of bikes like the Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F, and KTM Duke 390, he frequents motor racing circuits in his videos. Rachamalla’s content spans riding superbikes, safety tips, DIY segments, and informative clips.

6.Debasshish Ghosh :@debasshish

Followers :54.6K

Instagram :

Intro :Debassish Ghosh made history as the first Indian to complete a bike ride originating and culminating in India, covering 35 countries and 5 continents in just 270 days, spanning 68,000 km. His remarkable journey was celebrated with a grand homecoming at the Royal Challenge in Mumbai.

7.Prabhjot Singh : @jatt_prabhjot

Followers :2M

Instagram :

Intro :JP, a software engineer, channels his love for motorbikes through his YouTube channel, Jatt Prabhjot, boasting 1.22M subscribers. His Instagram page, jatt_prabhjot, also enjoys substantial popularity with 272k followers.

8.Chintamani Jaipuri :@chintamanijaipuri

Followers :24.7K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet the dynamic force behind @cmjmoto, a Moto Vlogger, and YouTuber living life in the fast lane. Based in Raipur, 🇮🇳, their exhilarating content takes viewers on thrilling rides and adventures, embodying the spirit of speed and excitement. 

9.Shakir Subhan :@mallu_traveler

Followers :2.3M

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Shakir Subhan, a passionate traveler hailing from the southern Indian state of Kerala, known as the Mallu Traveler. Shakir’s love for exploring takes him on adventures across the globe, experiencing diverse cultures and embarking on thrilling adventures, all on his trusty motorcycle.

10.Deepak Gupta :@dg_the_wanderer

Followers :144K

Instagram :

Intro :Deepak Gupta is an avid rider known for his adventurous spirit and love for motorcycles. With a passion for exploring new horizons and pushing boundaries, he embarks on thrilling rides that take him on unforgettable journeys across various landscapes. Whether navigating through challenging terrains or cruising along scenic routes, Deepak’s dedication to the riding lifestyle shines through in every adventure he undertakes

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