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Top 10 Richest Influencer On Youtube In India 2024

1.Ajey Nagar : @carryminati

  Subscribers : 41.4M

  Youtube :

Intro : CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, is India’s most popular YouTuber, renowned for his comedic content including gaming, rap, and roasting videos. He holds the highest number of subscribers for an independent YouTube channel in India and was the first Indian to surpass 30 million subscribers.

2.Total Gaming : @totalgaming_official

    Subscribers : 40.3M

    YouTube :

Intro :Total Gaming, founded by Indian gamer Ajay, offers top-tier Hindi commentary for gaming enthusiasts. Ajay showcases a variety of games on both PC and mobile platforms, including Free Fire, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, and GTA 5, among others. His channel also features gameplay and tips for games like Minecraft, God of War, and Horizon Zero. Dive into Total Gaming for an immersive gaming experience and valuable insights.

3.Dilraj singh rawat : @dilraj_singh_rawat

   Subscribers : 37M

   Youtube :

Intro : Mr. Indian Hacker’s YouTube channel offers educational content with a fun twist, focusing on engaging science experiments. Known for his daring yet safe tests, he entertains his “Titanium Army” with captivating demonstrations. Notable videos include riding a water-powered motorbike and creating a remote-controlled car from a real car, garnering over 35 million views. Dive into his channel for thrilling scientific adventures.

4.Ashish Chanchlani : @ashishchanchlani

   Subscribers : 30.3M

   Youtube :

Intro : Ashish Chanchlani, known for his hilarious comedy sketches, dominates the Indian entertainment scene with his YouTube channel “Ashish Chanchlani Vines.” Often performing solo or with friends, his carefree attitude and comedic talent have garnered him widespread popularity. Transitioning to television programs, he’s swiftly becoming a prominent artist in India, beloved by fans for his entertaining and funny content.

5.Bhuvan Bam : @bhuvan.bam22

Subscribers : 26.4M

YouTube :

Intro : Bhuvan Bam, a trailblazer in the Indian YouTube community, has redefined success through his channel “BB Ki Vines,” boasting over 25 million subscribers. As the first Indian YouTuber to reach milestones of 10 million and 15 million subscribers independently, he’s continually expanding his fame. Beyond his comedic sketches, Bam has ventured into music and short films, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next creative endeavours.

6.Amit Bhadana : @theamitbhadana

   Subscribers : ‧24.4M

   YouTube :

Intro :Amit Bhadana, a renowned YouTuber, crafts hilarious skits and short films inspired by everyday life and characters he encounters. His relatable content is both amusing and straightforward, making it highly enjoyable for viewers. Bhadana not only conceives brilliant ideas but also stars in his creations, ensuring quality entertainment. For a hearty laugh, tune into Amit Bhadana’s channel, where his funny skits and parodies are guaranteed to brighten your day.

7.Gaurav Chaudhary : @technicalguruji

   Subscribers : 23.5M

   Youtube :

Intro : Technical Guruji simplifies complex tech terms for viewers, providing honest gadget reviews to help make informed buying decisions. Stay updated on the latest tech trends with this channel.

  8.Aayu and Pihu : @aayuandpihushow

     Subscribers : 17.5M

        Youtube :

Intro : Join the Aayu and Pihu Show for hilarious and heartwarming family entertainment. Follow the adventures of Aayu, Pihu, their parents Ruchi, and Piyush as they play games, take on challenges, and share family health tips. Laugh, feel inspired, and be part of the fun!

9.NishaMadhulika : @nishamadhulika_cooks

    Subscribers : 14.1M

    Youtube :

Intro : Nisha Madhulika stands out among food bloggers for her exclusive focus on vegetarian recipes in Hindi. With a mission to bring families closer through cooking, her diverse range of dishes, from veggie balls to spinach gravy, adds fun and flavor to vegetarian diets. Join her channel to explore delicious and fulfilling vegetarian cooking.

10.Kabita Singh : @kabitaskitchen

       Subscribers : 13.7M

       YouTube :

Intro : Busy moms seeking quick and delicious recipes using easy-to-find ingredients should tune into Kabita Singh’s YouTube channel. Specialising in Indian cuisine, Kabita offers a variety of recipes that cater to food enthusiasts looking for flavorful home-cooked meals. From one-pot wonders to six-way recipes, her channel is a go-to destination for cooking inspiration.

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