1.Kanpur Food Blogger :@kanpurfoodblogger    Followers :241K    Instagram  : Intro :"Kanpur-based food bloggers on a mission to explore the world of deliciousness, one plate at a time. Join us as we travel, taste, and review the best culinary experiences!  2.Gokul Garg :@kanpurfoodexplorers    Followers :54K    Instagram : Intro

1.Muhammad Ashraf Ashrafi :@mohammadashraf_mrperfect    Followers :5,844    Instagram : Intro :Muhammad Ashraf Ashrafi, a distinguished personal coach, holds accolades as a PREP Coach, and has been honored by both Governors and Presidents. He is associated with the IPTFA Fitness Academy, offering online training

1.Vaishnavi :@makeovers_by_vaishnavi     Followers :10.2K     Instagram : Intro :Vaishnavi, a makeup artist based in Kanpur, is renowned for her exceptional skills in transforming her clients. With the title "Celebrity Makeup Artist," she has established herself as a go-to expert in the industry. Trained

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