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Fashion Influencers and Bloggers in Bangalore

  1. Shalini Chopra

Instagram: @stylish_by_nature

Followers -1.6m

Link :

Top fashion influencer and have incredible fashion sense

Shalini Chopra stands as a prominent figure in the realm of fashion influence on Instagram, particularly within the vibrant city of Bangalore. As a digital creator and fashion influencer, she captivates her audience with curated content spanning Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Beauty, Travel, and more. Renowned as the preeminent fashion Instagrammer in Bangalore and a leading fashion influencer in South India, Shalini curates a diverse array of highlights on her Instagram handle. These include OOTDs, SBN~FBN moments, travel diaries, beauty insights with PIXI, yoga escapades, and indulgent culinary experiences, among others. Shalini’s impact extends beyond content creation; she has garnered recognition through prestigious awards such as the “Best Fashionable Blogger – South” and the “Best Fashion Blogger – Zingbi Fashion Awards.” Her influence further manifests through paid collaborations with esteemed brands like Azorte Store, Ajio Life, Joyalukkas, and Hero Motocorp, among others, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the digital fashion landscape.

  1. Pranwesha

Instagram: @Pranwesha

Followers :493K

Link :

Overall development supporter and splendid fashion styling sense

Pranwesha, hailed as one of Bangalore’s most influential fashion icons, is renowned for her exceptional prowess in digital and content creation across a myriad of niches. With a keen eye for luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel, she has cemented her status as a versatile content curator, captivating audiences worldwide.

Earning the esteemed title of Influencer of the Year – South from Exhibit magazine, Pranwesha’s Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her glamorous world, featuring stunning locales such as Conrad, Dubai Parks, Spain, and Expo 2020. Her #OOTD posts showcase her impeccable style, while her travels to destinations like LA, SFO, San Diego, Jaisalmer, and Paris captivate followers with wanderlust-inducing imagery.

Pranwesha’s influence extends beyond aesthetics, as evidenced by her numerous paid partnerships with esteemed brands like Avatar Luxe, RosvinBugs Eyewear, Ajio Life, Carlsberg India, and IIFL Finance. Through her engaging Instagram reels and insightful Q&A sessions, she continues to inspire and connect with her audience, garnering immense popularity and engagement.

In a world where content is king, Pranwesha reigns supreme as a beacon of creativity and influence, setting trends and shaping perceptions in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media.

  1. Divya Maben

Instagram: @divyamaben

Followers :247k

Link :

Beauty with brains. Top-notch entrepreneur and smart fashion sense.

Divya Maben stands out as one of Bangalore’s most influential fashion Instagrammers, renowned for her diverse content creation spanning various niches. As a digital creator and entrepreneur, she has carved a niche for herself in the dynamic world of social media.

Beyond her captivating Instagram feed, Divya is also the co-host of the popular podcast “Indecent Behaviour” and the co-founder of “Now Branding,” demonstrating her multifaceted talents and entrepreneurial spirit. Her dynamic presence extends across continents, as she effortlessly shuttles between Bangalore and Dubai.

Divya’s Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her vibrant world, covering fashion, OOTD (Outfit of the Day), awareness, fitness, beauty, and more. With dedicated segments like “Now.” and “Indecent Behaviour,” she engages her audience with thought-provoking content and captivating storytelling.

Through strategic collaborations with renowned brands like Fae Beauty Official, Daughter Earth Official, The Rover, and Dark Velvet Oud, Divya has established herself as a trusted influencer with a discerning eye for quality and authenticity. Her feed is a testament to her passion for promoting veganism, pet care, and sustainable living.

Whether she’s jet-setting to luxurious destinations like Dubai’s W Hotels or exploring local gems like The Serai, Divya’s travels inspire and enchant her Instafam. With her infectious energy and unwavering commitment to excellence, Divya Maben continues to redefine the fashion influencer landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

4. Namrata

Instagram: @my_closetdiary


Link :

Trendy and viral dressing and styling tips and tricks

Namrata is a trailblazing digital creator whose expertise spans the realms of fashion, travel, luxury, and beauty. As one of Bangalore’s foremost Instagram influencers, she has solidified her position as a versatile tastemaker, earning recognition in the prestigious top 20 versatile fashion bloggers list.

Her Instagram highlights paint a vivid picture of her life’s tapestry, from cherished moments at home to adventures in exotic locales like Wayanad, the Himalayas, and Goa. Collaborations with renowned brands such as Marks and Spencer, ALDO, Adidas, and Philips underscore her influence and discerning taste.

Namrata’s roster of paid partnerships reads like a who’s who of industry titans, including L’oreal, Flipkart, Samsung India, and FBB, attesting to her authority and expansive reach as an influencer. She generously shares her expertise with her audience, offering valuable insights such as a specialized skincare guide tailored for oily skin types.

With an innate talent for storytelling, Namrata’s Instagram reels consistently captivate audiences, drawing thousands of views with her infectious charisma and impeccable sense of style. A seamless blend of sponsored content and personal branding is evident in her bio section, which features a link to Clovia.

Namrata’s digital footprint is a testament to her creativity, authenticity, and influence, making her a sought-after collaborator and an unwavering source of inspiration for her devoted followers.

  1. Barkha Vyas

Instagram: @barkhavyas_

Followers :137K

Link :

A doctor who is raising awareness about body positivity.

Barkha Vyas is a dynamic digital creator known for her passionate advocacy of body positivity. With a penchant for producing captivating content across a spectrum of niches including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel, she stands out among Bangalore’s fashion influencers on Instagram.

Having collaborated with esteemed international brands like Discovery Plus India and TLC India, Barkha has solidified her reputation as a creator of unique and exquisite content. Her Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her diverse interests, from home décor and travel adventures to nail art and fashion inspiration.

In addition to her engaging Instagram presence, Barkha shares her expertise through informative guides such as “Editing Tips” and “Favorite Street Style Looks.” Her commitment to authenticity and creativity shines through in her regular uploads of reels, including recent content focused on travel tips and tricks.

Barkha’s influence extends to her partnerships with brands such as Coach, Books Chor, RNB India, and Baji, where she seamlessly integrates sponsored content with her personal brand. Whether she’s exploring the streets of Mumbai or the serene landscapes of Ladakh, Barkha’s content inspires and empowers her audience.

In essence, Barkha Vyas is not only a digital creator but also a beacon of positivity and creativity in the online space, continuously pushing boundaries and championing authenticity.

  1. Sonali Das

Instagram: @ilanos_das

Followers :332K

Link :

Philosopher, wanderer, mentor, and Fashion enthusiast

Sonali Das is a dynamic digital creator and prominent fashion influencer based in Bangalore. With a keen eye for fashion, lifestyle, and travel, she continuously delivers fresh and engaging content to her audience. Currently employed at Times Network, Sonali’s expertise extends beyond her professional role, as she consistently brings new and exciting content to her platforms.

Her Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her diverse interests and collaborations, featuring partnerships with notable brands such as HiDesign, 7UP x RCB, Magic Pin, and Burger King. Sonali’s content spans a wide range of topics, from skincare and nail art to homedecor and travel diaries, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

In addition to her curated guides on topics like backless blouses and summer fashion, Sonali regularly shares informative and entertaining reels, keeping her audience engaged and inspired. Her presence extends beyond Instagram, with active participation on all major social media platforms, further solidifying her influence and reach within the digital landscape.

With a knack for storytelling and an authentic approach to content creation, Sonali Das continues to captivate her audience with her unique perspective and unwavering passion for creativity.

  1. Jeanette L Mesquita

Instagram: @jeanette_mesquita

Followers :336K

Link :

Uniques sense of styling and enriched content

Jeanette Mesquita stands out as one of Bangalore’s premier fashion influencers, renowned for her impeccable sense of style and captivating digital presence. As a prominent blogger and digital creator, she curates compelling content across a spectrum of niches, including luxury, travel, and fashion, earning her a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s top fashion Instagrammers.

With over 2134 posts and a substantial following base, Jeanette’s influence is undeniable. Her finely curated Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her glamorous adventures, from exotic destinations like Jodhpur and Jaipur to serene getaways in Wayanad and Coorg. Whether she’s showcasing her latest OOTD or sharing skincare tips, Jeanette’s content captivates and inspires her audience.

Jeanette’s unique sense of style has attracted a plethora of paid partnership collaborations with esteemed brands such as Ajio, Versace, and Amazon Fashion, among others. Her ability to seamlessly integrate sponsored content with her personal brand speaks to her authenticity and influence within the fashion industry.

In addition to her fashion-forward aesthetic, Jeanette shares glimpses of her personal life, from family moments to birthday celebrations, adding depth and authenticity to her digital persona. Her diverse content portfolio includes everything from baking adventures to TikTok trends, showcasing her versatility and creative flair.

In summary, Jeanette Mesquita’s digital footprint is a testament to her influence, creativity, and unique sense of style. With a loyal following and a knack for creating engaging content, she continues to captivate audiences and inspire fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

  1. Shree Singh

Instagram: @shreellous

Followers :84.9k

Link : 

An entrepreneur, fashion opinion leader and wonderful and complete human being

Shree Singh is a dynamic fashion influencer based in Bangalore, renowned for her expertise in the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Alongside her influential presence on social media, she’s also a driven entrepreneur, co-founding Silicon Valley Architects, a web platform solution provider.

With a penchant for collaborating with clothing brands, Shree has endorsed numerous labels, some of which are available on Amazon, showcasing her versatility and reach as a fashion influencer. Her Instagram highlights offer a curated glimpse into her diverse interests, from thrift shopping and beauty essentials to supporting small businesses and hosting giveaways.

Shree’s affiliations extend to renowned brands such as ORRA Jewellers, Guess, M Caffeine, Nyx Cosmetics, and Himalaya, among others, highlighting her credibility and influence in the fashion and beauty industry. Her commitment to authenticity and engagement is evident through her regular features, blog sales, and collaborations with popular events like Zomaland.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors and fashion collaborations, Shree is also a vocal advocate for self-care and personal well-being, as seen in her curated highlights such as “MeTime” and “Mamaearth.” Her multifaceted presence on Instagram reflects her dynamic personality and commitment to inspiring her followers.

In summary, Shree Singh’s bio encapsulates her journey as a fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and advocate for self-expression and empowerment. With her unwavering passion and engaging content, she continues to make waves in the fashion and lifestyle space, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.


  1. Priyanka Jain

Instagram: @_jainpriyanka_

Followers :403K

Link :

Wonderful model and public speaker.

Priyanka Jain stands out as a prominent figure in Bangalore’s fashion scene, renowned for her multifaceted talents and remarkable achievements. Not only is she a top fashion influencer, but she also boasts titles as a digital creator, influencer, model, and TEDx Speaker. Priyanka’s illustrious journey includes being a finalist in the prestigious ‘Top 13 Miss Diva 2013’ competition, further solidifying her status as a prominent personality in the industry.

With a passion for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel, Priyanka creates captivating content that resonates with her diverse audience. Her Instagram highlights offer a curated glimpse into her world, featuring OOTD inspiration, home decor ideas, and highlights from her notable appearances, such as TEDx talks and collaborations with esteemed brands like Oppo, Femina, and Hyundai.

Priyanka’s travel adventures span across breathtaking destinations like Goa, Singapore, and Himachal Pradesh, showcasing her love for exploration and discovery. As a TEDx Speaker, she shares her insights and experiences, inspiring others with her wisdom and authenticity.

In summary, Priyanka Jain’s bio reflects her remarkable journey as a fashion influencer, model, and TEDx Speaker, highlighting her versatility, creativity, and influence in the digital realm. With her unwavering passion and commitment to excellence, she continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

Swati Gandhi

  1. Swati Gandhi

Instagram: @myswatitude

Followers :348K

Link :

Swati Gandhi is a distinguished fashion opinion leader and lifestyle trendsetter, widely acclaimed as one of Bangalore’s premier fashion Instagrammers. Embracing her identity as a public figure, she has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious WIBA Fashion and Lifestyle 2021 award and the B&B MAG Lifestyle Blogger 2019 award.

With a keen eye for style and innovation, Swati curates compelling content across multiple domains, including fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Her Instagram highlights serve as a testament to her versatility, showcasing her diverse interests and experiences from around the globe.

From the picturesque landscapes of Jordan and the Maldives to the bustling streets of Istanbul and Paris, Swati’s travels inspire and captivate her audience. Her collaborations with renowned brands such as The Face Shop, Amazon, Streax, Olay, M.A.C, and Adidas demonstrate her influence and credibility within the fashion and beauty industry.

In addition to her fashion-forward content, Swati’s Instagram highlights feature partnerships with lifestyle brands like ProjectEVE, Women’s Secret, Crocs, TBZ, and Titan Skinn, showcasing her expertise in curating lifestyle experiences that resonate with her followers.

With a penchant for staying ahead of the curve and a dedication to empowering her audience with the latest trends and insights, Swati Gandhi continues to leave an indelible mark as a fashion influencer and lifestyle trend creator in Bangalore and beyond.

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