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  1. Karan Dua:

  • Followers: 1.2 Million
  • Description: Passionate food enthusiast and founder of Delhi Food Walks. Explores diverse cuisines, hidden gems, travel, and lifestyle across Delhi.
  • Instagram handle:

2. Sarah Hussain:

  • Followers: 599K
  • Description: Stunning visuals and reviews of restaurants, cafes, and street food. Showcases unique dishes and beautiful aesthetics.
  • Instagram handle:

3. Mehak Dhawan:

  • Followers: 334K
  • Description: Passionate explorer and curator of culinary gems. Focuses on hidden gems and local favorites, showcasing diverse cuisines.
  • Instagram handle:

4. TheGreatIndianFoodie:

  • Followers: 586K
  • Description: Savory delights like paneer tikka, waffles, and pizzas. Recommendations for trying new and delicious cuisines.
  • Instagram handle:

5. Nikita Varma:

  • Followers: 525K
  • Description: Renowned food blogger, reviewer, and recipe sharer. Covers vegetarian and non-vegetarian, street food and fine dining.
  • Instagram handle:

6. Paresh Gupta:

  • Followers: 106K
  • Description: Enthusiastic Delhi food explorer. Showcases must-try spots for diverse dishes like rajma chawal and momos.
  • Instagram handle:

7. Saurabh Nirmal:

  • Followers: 238K
  • Description: Combines engineering with food, travel, and lifestyle passion. Explores diverse cuisines from thalis to pizzas.
  • Instagram handle:

8. Karan Singhal:

  • Followers: 170K
  • Description: Enjoys both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Appreciates classic Indian and international dishes like croissants. Has a sweet tooth for traditional Indian desserts.
  • Instagram handle:

9. Rishabh Gemini:


  • Followers: 384K
  • Description: Food and travel enthusiast, sharing mouthwatering dishes and food stories. Offers recommendations for new experiences.
  • Instagram handle:

10. Parth and Vandana:

  • Followers: 125K
  • Description: Food-loving couple exploring cuisines together. Share South Indian dosa, global dishes, and more.
  • Instagram handle:

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