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1. Shruti Hassan

Image of Shruti Hassan
  • Followers: 26.3 million
  • Description: Bollywood glam meets social media savvy! This actress, singer, and influencer dazzles with trendy fashion, beauty tips, and glimpses into her jet-setting lifestyle.
  • Instagram:

2. Sidharth Bose

Image of Sidharth Bose
  • Followers: 1.3 million
  • Description: Calling all foodies! Your culinary compass for navigating Bangalore’s diverse food scene, from Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden street gems. Get ready for mouthwatering pics and reviews.

Instagram: @foodiebyheart

3. Zakir Khan

Image of Zakir Khan
  • Followers: 16.8 million
  • Description: Prepare for side-splitting laughter! This stand-up comedian and content creator is known for his witty observations and relatable humor. Catch his hilarious routines and thought-provoking content across platforms.
  • Instagram:

4. Lakshmi Menon

Image of Lakshmi Menon
  • Followers: 1.6 million
  • Description: Elevate your style with this fashion & lifestyle influencer! Curating chic and elegant looks, she offers outfit inspiration, beauty tips, travel experiences, and glimpses into her life.

5. Ashwini Kumar

Image of Ashwini Kumar
  • Followers: 300k
  • Description: Join this multi-faceted creator on a journey through music, travel, and personal experiences. His engaging feed features travel vlogs, music covers, and a relatable glimpse into his daily life.

6. Rohini James

Image of Rohini James
  • Followers: 116k
  • Description: Seeking relatable content on fashion, travel, and motherhood? Look no further! Her authentic approach resonates with followers, offering outfit ideas, travel tips, and snippets of her life as a mom.
  • Instagram:

7.Navya Ramesh

  • Followers: 200k
  • Description: One of the top digital influencers in Bangalore with some of the Highest Instagram followers in Karnataka (over 200K-strong), Navya is a fashion influencer and model who blogs about it
  • Instagram :

8. Ravi Narayan

Image of Ravi Narayan
  • Followers: 29k
  • Description: Tech enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Stay updated on the latest gadgets and emerging technologies with insightful reviews, comparisons, and tech trend analysis.

9. Shraddha & Deeksha

Image of Shraddha & Deeksha
  • Followers: 179k
  • Description: Pack your bags and embark on incredible adventures with these travel bloggers! Stunning visuals and unique experiences await you, inspiring your wanderlust and travel planning.

10. Samay Raina

Image of Samay Raina
  • Followers: 17.8 million
  • Description: Get ready for a laugh riot! His funny vlogs, challenges, and sketches are guaranteed to entertain. Follow him for a dose of humor and lightheartedness.
  • Instagram:

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