Kalakar House


    1. Masoom Minawala (@masoomminawala):
Image of Masoom Minawala
  • Followers: 1.89 million
    1. Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial):
Image of Komal Pandey
  • Followers: 71.2k
    1. Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty):
Image of Santoshi Shetty
  • Followers: 151k
  • Description: Travel and lifestyle blogger documenting her adventures across India and the world, promoting ethical and sustainable travel practices.
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    1. Karishma Tanna (@karishmatanna):
Image of Karishma Tanna
  • Followers: 8.8 million
    1. Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl):
Image of Kritika Khurana
  • Followers: 3.2 million
  • Description: Fashion and lifestyle blogger known for her bohemian and vintage-inspired style, offering outfit inspiration and DIY tutorials.
  • Instagram Handle:
    1. Saket Gokhale (@saketgokhale):
Image of Saket Gokhale
  • Followers: 70.7k
  • Description: Food blogger and photographer capturing mouthwatering dishes from Delhi’s culinary scene, highlighting hidden gems and unique street food.
  • Instagram Handle:
    1. Ria Singh (@riasingh21):
Image of Ria Singh
  • Followers: 105k
  • Description: Travel and lifestyle blogger documenting her adventures in Delhi and beyond, focusing on offbeat experiences and local culture.
  • Instagram Handle:
    1. Shruti Haasan (@shrutzhaasan):
Image of Shruti Haasan
  • Followers: 26.1 million
  • Description: Actress and singer sharing snapshots of her life, travels, and fashion moments, inspiring fans with her authenticity and positivity.
  • Instagram Handle:
    1. Niharika NM (@niharikanm):
Image of Niharika NM
  • Followers: 343k
  • Description: Fashion and lifestyle influencer advocating for body positivity and self-love, showcasing diverse styles and promoting ethical fashion brands.
  • Instagram Handle: <invalid URL removed>
    1. Karan Johar (@karanjohar):
Image of Karan Johar
  • Followers: 22.1 million
  • Description: Filmmaker and personality sharing insights into his life, work, and fashion choices, offering glimpses into the glamorous world of Bollywood.
  • Instagram Handle:

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