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  1. Barkha Singh (@barkhasingh0308):
  • Followers: 1 Million
  • Description: Television actress and travel enthusiast showcasing vibrant travel experiences across India and the world, inspiring wanderlust.
  • Instagram Handle:
  1. Tushar Panchal (@bombayiger):
  • Followers: 32.3k
  • Description: Mumbai-based photographer capturing stunning cityscape and travel photography, highlighting hidden gems and unique perspectives of Mumbai.
  • Instagram Handle:
  1. Nikhil Sharma (@emNikhil):
  • Followers: 911k
  • Description: Lifestyle travel influencer sharing diverse travel experiences, from off-the-beaten-path destinations to luxurious getaways, with a focus on adventure and photography.
  1. Trishita Bhattacharya (@overrated_outcast):
  • Followers: 124k
  • Description: Travel photographer capturing captivating visuals of landscapes, cultures, and hidden treasures around the world, including stunning travel stories from Mumbai.
  • Instagram Handle:
  1. Shanice Shrestha (@shaniceshrestha):
  • Followers: 379k
  • Description: Travel and beauty enthusiast sharing vibrant travel experiences, stunning photos, and tips for budget-friendly adventures, often featuring Mumbai destinations.
  • Instagram Handle:
  1. Karishma Mehta (@karishmamt):
  • Followers: 155k
  • Description: Mumbai-based travel and lifestyle blogger showcasing unique adventures, hidden gems, and cultural experiences across Mumbai and beyond.
  1. Akshay Jain (@thedesigntraveller):
  • Followers: 152k
  • Description: Mumbai-based architect and travel photographer capturing captivating perspectives of destinations, featuring historical sites and architectural wonders of Mumbai.
  • Instagram Handle:
  1. Deepika Rajani (@deepikarajani):
  • Followers: 109k
  • Description: Mumbai-based fashion and travel influencer showcasing vibrant travel experiences, exploring diverse destinations, and sharing travel tips, frequently featuring Mumbai city tours and adventures.
  1. Sharan Shetty (@sharan.shetty):
  • Followers: 64.4k
  • Description: Mumbai-based travel photographer capturing breathtaking landscape and wildlife photography, often highlighting nature escapes near Mumbai.
  1. Himanshu Shah (@himansh_shah89):
  • Followers: 52.1k
  • Description: Mumbai-based traveler sharing offbeat experiences, local discoveries, and hidden gems, focusing primarily on exploring within Mumbai and nearby regions.

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