Manhar Seth

Manhar Seth: Poet and Standup Spoken Word Artist

Manhar Seth, a distinguished Indian poet and standup spoken word artist, is celebrated for his profound exploration of love and heartbreak in his work. Establishing himself as a leading figure in India’s standup spoken word scene, Seth gained prominence through his contributions to “Bikhre Hain Alfaaz,” a production featured on the Watcho app.

His artistic style, marked by emotive and unique expressions, resonates deeply with audiences. Seth further showcased his versatility by participating in the second season of the reality show MTV Ace of Space, expanding his influence beyond spoken word.

In the digital realm, Seth’s poetic expressions are captured in videos for “Bikhre Hain Alfaaz,” providing audiences with a digital platform to experience his compelling performances. His journey reflects not only his prowess in poetry and spoken word but also his ability to connect with diverse audiences through various artistic expressions.

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