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Top 10 Ahmedabad Travel Experts: Travel Experiences and Recommendations

1.Anveshi Jain :@anveshi25

   Followers :6.1M

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Anveshi Jain, a versatile 25-year-old model, actor, and host, known for her passion for travel. Emerging before influencer marketing was mainstream, she quickly gained fame with her large follower base. Anveshi’s content spans beauty, lifestyle, and travel, showcasing her love for exploration and new experiences. As a dedicated traveler, she seeks to capture the essence of each destination she visits, making her a must-follow for travel enthusiasts.

2.Pratibha Raj :@the_vogue_driven

   Followers :464K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Pratibha Raj, a travel aficionado known for her free spirit and captivating travel stories on Instagram. With years of blogging experience, she inspires her audience to embark on new adventures through her engaging content. Having explored numerous countries, Pratibha shares her love for travel through diverse experiences and destination recommendations. If you’re seeking travel inspiration, her page is a must-visit for a wealth of options and insights.

3.Arun Sharma :@thearunsharma

    Followers :242K

   Instagram :

Intro :Arun Sharma, a top travel blogger from Ahmedabad, is a wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur gaining popularity for his diverse content. His travel diaries showcase the best places he’s visited, inspiring others with his motto “one life, make it worth.” With a YouTube channel featuring beautiful videos, Arun offers dreamy insights on travel and more, catering to a wide audience. Follow him for a glimpse into his adventurous lifestyle and inspiring journey.

4.Siddhi Mehta :@thedreamctchr

   Followers :246K

   Instagram :

Intro :Introducing Siddhi Mehta, a travel enthusiast who enchants audiences with her captivating travel stories. With dream-like travel experiences, she inspires her followers with informative content and major travel goals. Siddhi’s dedication to showcasing the best of travel has earned her widespread appreciation and recognition. Follow her for a glimpse into her adventurous journeys and valuable travel insights.

5.Juhi Bansal :@closetbuddies 

   Followers :53.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Juhi Bansal, a seasoned blogger making waves with her captivating travel tales. Transitioning from fashion to travel, she has left her mark in both realms, earning widespread recognition. With informative and engaging content, Juhi shares her global adventures, enticing followers to explore new horizons. Follow her for a glimpse into her diverse and inspiring journey.

6.CHARVI :@lovewithtravel

    Followers :122K

    Instagram :

Intro :Meet a soul-stirring and inspiring travel influencer who captivates with her online presence. With a focus on travel, beauty, and lifestyle, she influences thousands with her engaging stories. As a senior reviewer for TripAdvisor and featured on platforms like Tripoto and Bangalore Insider, she stands out in the Ahmedabad travel scene. Follow her for delightful travel insights and more.

7.Dipika Desai : @beautyfitnessfunda

   Followers :11.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Dipika Desai, an Ahmedabad-based blogger known for her beautiful and diverse content. From travel to beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, she excels in presenting her experiences uniquely. Dipika’s captivating content has earned her recognition as one of the top bloggers in Ahmedabad. Follow her for a touch of uniqueness in your feed.

8.Palak Shetty :@thedamselpalak

   Followers :2,885

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Palak Shetty, a solo backpacker and digital storyteller, pushing boundaries with her global adventures. Having explored over 25 countries, she meticulously records her experiences for her audience’s benefit. Palak’s comprehensive travel guides are sought after by travelers seeking inspiration and advice. With her unique content, she’s on track to become one of India’s top travel bloggers. Follow her for captivating travel insights and guides.

9.Shivangi Nagar :@shivangi.nagar

   Followers :31.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Shivangi, an Instagram influencer from Ahmedabad, who specializes in travel, tourism, and aviation. With 34,653 followers on Instagram and an average of 11,576 views per post on TikTok, she’s making waves in the social media sphere. Shivangi’s impressive engagement rate of 74.53% on Instagram speaks volumes about her captivating content. Her profile showcases stunning travel photography that ignites wanderlust among her followers. Known for her frequent and diverse posts on various travel destinations, Shivangi’s charm lies in her intriguing and varied content.

10.Ekta Makhijani

       Followers :348K

       Instagram :

Intro :Meet Ekta Makhija, an influential travel and aviation Instagrammer from Ahmedabad. With 187,713 Instagram followers and an impressive engagement rate of 13.62%, she’s a force in the social media world. Ekta’s captivating content provides valuable insights into travel, resonating with fellow exploration enthusiasts. Follow her at for inspiring travel adventures and tips.

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