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“Top 10 Bengaluru Fitness Gurus: Inspiring Health and Wellness”

1.Pooja flabtofab :@pooja_flabtofab

   Followers :252K

   Instagram :

Intro :Miss South India (Fitness) embodies the essence of transformation and authenticity. Her Instagram isn’t just a source of motivation; it’s a platform of raw honesty about the journey to achieving a healthy body. She celebrates not only her own progress but also showcases individuals who have reached their fitness milestones, spreading positivity and inspiration. It’s heartwarming to see her genuine support for others on their fitness journeys.

2.Sonali Swami :@sonali_swami

   Followers :332K

   Instagram :

Intro :Every day in the life of Sonali Swami is a blend of sculpted muscles and stunning selfies. As a mother of two and a champion in FitFactor and MuscleMania, her Instagram is a hub of excitement with thrilling fitness contests and eagerly anticipated giveaways. Not just that, she’s also a seasoned Zumba pro, adding another dynamic layer to her already impressive repertoire.

3.Swetha Subbiah :@swethasubbiah

   Followers :30.6K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Swetha Subbiah, the personal trainer dedicated to maximizing gains. Recognized as a Nike Elevated trainer, she gained fame through Nike’s viral Da Da Ding video, a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. Following Swetha means embracing accountability for your resolutions, as her sculpted physique serves as a constant reminder to stay committed. Get ready to be motivated and inspired to push through boundaries with Swetha by your side!

4.Samrat Pasham :@samratpasham

   Followers :8,332

   Instagram :

Intro :Have you ever reached your toes by bending over backwards? Samrat Pasham, a yoga instructor, takes us on an incredible fitness voyage through the world of yoga, compelling us to embrace this ancient practice like never before. Samrat’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of both traditional and innovative asanas, motivating you to ditch the couch and embark on your own yoga journey.

5.Gaurabh Chakraborty :@gaurabhchakraborty

    Followers :66.4K

    Instagram :

Intro :A Limca Book Record Holder and the titleholder of Mr. South India 2016, serves as a poignant reminder that achieving total transformation demands unwavering dedication and relentless hard work. While we may not match his prowess in deadlifting, his journey inspires us to embark on our own paths of fitness. Whether it’s rock climbing or aqua cardio, count us in for the challenge!

6.Kristian Ebenezer :@trainwithphantom

    Followers :20.3K

    Instagram :

Intro :Witness the training expertise of Kristian Ebenezer, co-founder of The Outfit Gym. His innovative tire and rope workouts will ignite your desire to elevate your weightlifting game. From captivating workout videos to his signature peanut butter brand and clever captions, Kristian Ebenezer brings it all to the table. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by his holistic approach to fitness!

7.Surya Kshatriya :@surya_kshatriya_official

   Followers :166K

   Instagram :

Intro :Lord Shiva, Bengaluru native, multi-talented dancer, model, and avid fitness enthusiast.

8.Harshit :@artbytraveler

    Followers :51.8K

    Instagram :

Intro :He is a lover of hills, treks, farmhouses, and temples, finding solace and adventure in their midst. 🏃‍♂️ A fitness enthusiast, he thrives on pushing his limits and exploring the great outdoors. As a solo traveler, he embarks on journeys of self-discovery, embracing new experiences along the way. 🏍️ With the wind in his hair, he cruises the roads on his motorcycle, seeking freedom and excitement at every turn.

9.Anupam Adarsh Mishra :@anupam_adarsh_mishra

   Followers :39.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Limitless♾️: A corporate lawyer turned fitness and nutrition coach, empowering others to unlock their full potential.

10.Sachin :@sachin.anand

     Followers :9,780

     Instagram :

Intro : Meet the Fitness Coach dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles.

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