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“Top 10 Bengaluru Lifestyle Influencers: Living the Urban Dream”

1.Akshaya Alshi :@akshayaalshi

   Followers :2.2M

   Instagram :

Intro :Akshaya, a top Bangalore influencer, captivates her audience with stunning outfits and flawless makeup on social media. At just 18, she gained international acclaim in beauty contests. With a focus on quality content, she maintains high engagement rates, making her a persuasive digital influencer. Akshaya collaborates with renowned brands, earning nominations like ’30 UNDER 30′ by United Business Journal. She’s represented India in various events, making her an ideal partner for luxury brands.

2.Shalini Chopra :@stylish_by_nature

    Followers :1.6M

    Instagram :

Intro :Shalini Chopra, a fashion and luxury lifestyle blogger based in Bangalore, aims to showcase beauty, trendiness, and style in all aspects of life. She’s the founder of, an Indian fashion and luxury lifestyle blog. Shalini has been ranked as the top Indian Fashion Blogger multiple times and has received numerous national and international awards, including ‘Best Fashion Blogger – South’ in 2018.

3.ASHVITHI SHETTY  :@ashvithi_shetty

    Followers :232K

    Instagram :

Intro :Ashvithi Shetty, a prominent figure in the Kannada film industry, has showcased her talent on five dance reality shows, including India’s Got Talent. Recognized for her contributions to performing arts, she received the “Women Achiever’s Award 2019.” Ashvithi is acclaimed as a passionate actor, dedicated dancer, influencer, model, and self-made woman.

4.Navya Ramesh :@navyaramesh

   Followers :  189K

   Instagram :

Intro :Navya Ramesh, a full-time social media influencer and Instagram model, has immersed herself in the influencer lifestyle for three years. Prior to this, she worked in brand marketing for various fashion, tech, and lifestyle brands.

5.Pranwesha :@pranwesha

   Followers : 507K

   Instagram :

Intro :Pranwesha began her blogging journey five years ago while working as a software engineer and pursuing modeling after grad school. Her passion for fashion and design led her to experiment with her looks and develop her own unique style, which she shares with her audience. Grateful for the social media era, she finds it easy to voice her opinions and connect with others who share her interests.

6.Ariya Hegde :@ariya_hegde

   Followers : 706K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ariya Hegde has carved her niche as a top influencer in Bangalore, captivating followers with her style, beauty, and lifestyle. Through impeccable content presentation and unique approaches, she’s garnered a large Instagram following. Ariya serves as a role model in lifestyle and fashion, known for her creative concepts and beauty tips. Her collaborations with brands like Being Human and Simple Skincare attest to her influence and trendsetting status.

7.Priyanka Jain :@_jainpriyanka_

     Followers :403K

     Instagram :

Intro :Priyanka Jain, a renowned influencer in Bangalore, boasts a substantial Instagram following. She’s a model, content creator, TEDx speaker, and influencer, known for her fashion and lifestyle content. Priyanka’s modeling background includes being a Top 13 Miss Diva finalist. Her Instagram showcases her style, fashion trends, and travel adventures, captivating followers with engaging content and captivating visuals. Collaborations with brands like L’oreal Paris and Oppo highlight her influence and sophistication.

8.Neha Bhatt Bhagat :@nehabhattbhagat

    Followers :108K

    Instagram :

Intro :Neha, a digital blogger based in Bangalore, follows her heart and intuition in all she does. Originally from Delhi, she began blogging after moving to Bangalore following her wedding. With a focus on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, Neha has become a popular influencer in Bangalore, boasting over 100K followers on Instagram. Her content covers various genres, reflecting her diverse interests.

9.Naved Qureshi :@navedqureshi

   Followers :91.8K

   Instagram :

Intro: Despite being a father, this Bangalore influencer remains dedicated to his passions. Family, fitness, and fashion are the cornerstones of his life and content. Through his online platform, he shares his exercise routines and discusses contemporary issues like street harassment and fair trade.

10.Harsha Kripalani :@harshakripalani

       Followers :42.7K

       Instagram :

Intro :Meet our Instagram model and influencer, a master of both fashion and dance trends. From chic outfits to the latest dance crazes, she keeps her followers hooked with her impeccable style and infectious energy.

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