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“Top 10 Bengaluru Travel Enthusiasts: Exploring Beyond the IT Hub”

1.Simran Jain :@simranbalarjain

   Followers :1.2M

   Instagram :

Intro :Simran Jain, a top Bangalore travel Instagram influencer and digital creator, specializes in travel, beauty, and lifestyle content. She excels in making difficult conversations comfortable and documents her life on Instagram. Highlights include Maldives, Udaipur, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Dudhsagar Trek, Coorg, weddings, engagements, bridal showers, TEDx talks, Kolkata, Leh, Goa, Kashmir, Amazon, and reaching 100K followers.

2.Faisal Majaj :@faisalmajaj

   Followers :1M

   Instagram :

Intro :Faisal Majaj, a Bangalore-based travel influencer and artist, explores cross-niche content including travel, fashion, lifestyle, and tech. He shares guides on singing and drawing, along with various paid partnership collaborations. His Instagram highlights cover travel destinations like Bihar and Kolkata, reels, food, nightlife, and creative pursuits such as drawing.

3.Swetha Changappa :@swethachangappa

     Followers :1M

     Instagram :

Intro : Swetha Changappa, a Bangalore travel Instagram influencer and actor, is also the founder of Tara Designwear. She wears many hats including anchor, dancer, fashionista, and travel enthusiast. With a presence on YouTube, she shares content under highlights like “My Sunshine” and “Chef SC,” along with engaging reels. Swetha actively collaborates with brands like Just Bake and RK Studio, drawing significant engagement from her followers through entertaining posts.

4.Apoorva Rao :@apytravelstories

    Followers :443K

    Instagram :

Intro :Apoorva Rao, a top travel Instagrammer in Bangalore and digital creator, advocates for exploring the world one adventure at a time. Her content focuses on luxury and lifestyle, offering travel tips and hacks. Her Instagram highlights include destinations like Kerala, Goa, Sri Lanka, and Himachal, along with travel stories from India and beyond. She has covered places such as Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Vietnam, and more, providing diverse insights for her followers.

5.Mahammad Haris N :@haris_wanderlust

    Followers :450K

    Instagram :

Intro :Mahammad Haris N, a renowned travel influencer from Bangalore, is a prolific video creator whose work garners praise and attention. His content has been featured on Nat Geo, Beautiful Destinations, and Incredible India. Known for suggesting new travel destinations daily, his Instagram highlights include Nat Geo, Beautiful Desi, and Maharashtra. Mahammad excels in capturing scenic moments, often incorporating drone footage to enhance his storytelling. His vivid reels provide detailed descriptions of locations, creating memorable experiences for his audience.

6.Shona Roy :@thelaziebug

    Followers : 316K

    Instagram :

Intro :Shona Roy, a prominent travel influencer from Bangalore, collaborates with video creators and local travel bloggers. Her content spans lifestyle, travel, and beauty, and she also runs an Amazon shopping page featuring product recommendations. Her Instagram highlights cover a wide range of topics including brands like Dot and Key, Titan, Caratlane, and Lakme, along with events and online platforms such as Swiggy and Zouk Online.

7.Sonali Das :@ilanos_das

   Followers :326K

   Instagram :

Intro : Sonali Das, a leading fashion influencer in Bangalore and digital creator at Times Network, specializes in fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. She has created guides on topics like backless blouses and summer fashion, as well as Wayanad diaries. Her Instagram highlights include collaborations with brands like HiDesign, 7up X RCB, and MagicPin, along with interests in skincare, home decor, and travel. She also shares snippets of her professional life at Times Network and engages with various brands and stores such as Burger King, Paio, and Chennai Silks.

8.Ankita Kumar

   Followers :295K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ankita Kumar, a renowned travel Instagram influencer in Bangalore, is known for her adventurous spirit and love for vibrant colors and exotic foods. She describes herself as a travel content creator who explores raw, unexplored, and offbeat destinations. Her Instagram highlights showcase her travels to various places such as Indonesia, Maldives, Fiji, Egypt, Azerbaijan, and more, reflecting her passion for exploring diverse cultures and landscapes.

9.Raj Mohan :@rajography

    Followers :432K

    Instagram :

Intro :Raj Mohan, a prominent travel influencer based in Bangalore, is renowned for his dedication to photography and videography. He embarks on journeys to various destinations, resulting in numerous awards and accolades. His exceptional work has been featured in Nat Geo and various European and Indian magazines. Raj Mohan’s Instagram highlights showcase his diverse content, including FPV (First Person View), Incredible India, drone photography, and stunning landscapes from places like Himachal, Rameshwaram, Bandipur, and Andaman.

10.Shreyas N Rao :@bengaluru_nakshe

      Followers :302K

      Instagram :

Intro :Shreyas N Rao, a travel influencer hailing from Bangalore, is a versatile digital creator focusing on food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and tech reviews. With a presence on YouTube as well, his Instagram highlights include topics like Unique, Josh Talks, and Insta Farm. Shreyas has created guides on various subjects such as Mumbai, Goa, Mysore, and Pondicherry, covering diverse interests from shopping to dining experiences.

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