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“Top 10 Chennai Fitness Fanatics: Inspiring Wellness Journeys”

1.Bharat Raj :@bharat_raj_official

   Followers :214K

   Instagram :

Intro :Bharat Raj stands as a leading figure in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training, boasting a massive following on Instagram. Achieving the title of Mr. India World 2014 2nd Runner-up, he’s also been recognized as the 14th most desirable man in Chennai. Bharat’s captivating photos and videos on social media ignite a fervent passion for fitness among his fans, earning him a dedicated following that eagerly embraces his journey to peak physical performance.

2.Vikram Menon :@bullshark.menon

   Followers :5,821

   Instagram :

Intro :Vikram Menon is a dedicated advocate of calisthenics and functional movement. His Instagram posts showcase his adventurous spirit, from lifting logs to navigating through paddy fields with crawling exercises. Vikram’s content is so captivating that it will likely inspire you to set your phone aside and dive into some pushups in no time.

3.Jennifer Solomon :@girl_with_wingz

     Followers :11.4K

     Instagram :

Intro :Jennifer Solomon is a renowned physique model, crowned winner of the Mr. Tamil Nadu beauty pageant. Beyond her modeling prowess, she also leads as a Zumba instructor, managing her fitness studio, Love 2 Burn, located in Chromepet. Jennifer stands out as one of the trailblazing women who have chosen fitness as their career path and achieved remarkable success in the field.

4.Srihari Sivaraj

  Followers :7,659

  Instgram :

Intro :Hari has carved a niche for himself in Chennai’s vibrant fitness community as a renowned trainer. His Instagram feed is filled with dynamic workout videos, uplifting quotes, and motivational content. For those seeking an alternative to conventional gyms, Hari’s innovative approach to staying fit is a must-see.

5.kalaiselvan :@kalaiselvan88

   Followers :27.1K 

   Instagram :

Intro : Mr. Physique is a distinguished coach and accomplished athlete with a string of prestigious titles to his name. He clinched the title of Mr. India in 2019 in the Sports Model category, following his victories as Mr. World in 2018 and Mr. Asia in the same year. Additionally, he holds certification from ISSA as a qualified trainer, reflecting his expertise in fitness and coaching.

6.kapil veraj muruganandam :@chennaifitness1

   Followers :86.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kapil Veraj Muruganandam is a prominent figure in Chennai’s fitness scene, recognized for his YouTube channel dedicated to bodybuilding in the Tamil language. He has earned the YouTube Silver Button for his content. Kapil offers online training services, making his expertise accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. For inquiries, interested individuals can reach out to him via direct message.

7.Shenaz_Rahman_offical :@shenaz_rahman

      Followers :68.8K

      Instagram :

Intro :Shenaz Rahman is a notable figure in the realm of beauty pageants, having been crowned Ms. Chennai and Ms. India in 2019, along with achieving the prestigious title of Miss Asia. Beyond her pageantry success, Shenaz is also a dedicated fitness coach, offering online training services. She specializes in professional women’s bodybuilding, combining her passion for fitness with her expertise to empower others on their health and wellness journeys.

8.Dr. Biglee Murali :@bigleemurali

    Followers :1.2M

    Instagram :

Intro :Dr. Biglee Murali is a renowned health activist and fitness coach, known for his expertise in fitness and wellness. As an IFBB ProLeague National Judge, he brings extensive experience to the fitness industry. With over 10,000 transformations under his belt, Dr. Biglee is highly regarded for his impact on individuals’ health journeys. Additionally, he is an author and collaborates with brands like @dumbellwear and @steadfastnutrition to promote health and fitness.

9.Santhosh Premkumar :@santhosh_prem

   Followers :1.2M

   Instagram :

Intro :Santhosh Premkumar is a video creator who specializes in content centered around self-worth, belief, and confidence. Through his videos, he aims to inspire and empower his audience to cultivate a positive mindset and embrace their inner strength. Santhosh’s content is dedicated to promoting self-improvement and personal growth, making him a valuable voice in the realm of motivational content creation.

10.Nishad :@nishad_fs

       Followers :5,353

        Instagram :

Intro :The Influencer Coach, an accomplished entrepreneur, and a fitness icon, he holds the title of 4-time Mr. Tamil Nadu and Mr. Chennai 2019. As a District Gold Medalist and a podium finisher at the National Meet, he has demonstrated remarkable dedication and prowess in bodybuilding. He is also the proud owner of @team_rampage_official_01, where he shares his expertise and inspires others in their fitness journey.

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