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“Top 10 Chennai Lifestyle Influencers: Embracing Tradition and Modernity”

1.Pavithra Balakrishnan :@makeupmartini

   Followers :93.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Pavithra, a blogger since 2014, is a true inspiration, covering lifestyle, fashion, and beauty on her blog. From street style to high-end party looks, she offers a comprehensive range of content. Providing styling tips, makeup tutorials, and product reviews, she’s a go-to for her followers. Transitioning from an IT professional, she’s emerged as one of the top lifestyle bloggers.

2.Noopur Kalra :@noopurkalra

   Followers : 173K

   Instagram :

Intro :Noopur Kalra, a prominent figure in lifestyle blogging, shines through her blog Simply Moda. She also owns “The Simply Moda Shop” brand. Collaborating with renowned names like Guess, Nissan, and GK Hair India, her blog stands out for its exquisite design and impeccable taste.

3.Niki Verma Rastogi :@nikivermaofficial

   Followers :48.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Niki Verma Rastogi is a refreshing fashion blogger whose blog covers lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. With an appealing style, she promotes brands like Spawake and Plum. Her blog offers valuable fashion tips, making it a must-read for enthusiasts looking to learn and stay updated.

4.Harshini Vijayakumar :@harshini.vijay

    Followers :63.7K

    Instagram :

Intro :With a focus on lifestyle, food, and fashion, she collaborates with top brands such as Wella and Dior, among others, showcasing her inspiring style. Her blog is a go-to destination for lifestyle and fashion tips, as well as current trends. With a professional touch and great style, she captivates her followers with every post.

5.Priyadarshini :@highonstyl

    Followers :127K

   Instagram :

Intro :High on Style offers a fresh perspective on lifestyle and fashion, exuding confidence in every post. Collaborating with brands like Usha International and Bluestone, she’s an experienced expert in the field. Her fabulous lifestyle content captivates with bold colours and minimalist style, perfectly embodying her blog’s name.

6.Swetha Renukumar :@one_pitch_catch

    Followers :132K

    Instagram :

Intro :Swetha Renukumar’s blog, One Pitch Catch, radiates gorgeousness, beauty, and style, offering insights into lifestyle and fashion with a bold and motivating approach. Her unique personalization sets her apart, incorporating beauty, wellness, fashion, and travel. The blog exudes authenticity and has collaborated with renowned brands like Crocs India and Daniel Wellington.

7.Sushmita Agarwal :@misspinkshoes_

   Followers :46.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Sushmita Agarwal, a top fashion Instagrammer in Chennai, is a content and video creator, known for her love of cats. She has her own clothing line, “Sush.” Her Instagram features reels on topics like Kaavaalaa and Marayoor. She’s active on YouTube and Facebook, sharing fashion tips and collaborations with brands like Imax India and Unlimited stores.

8.Subhiksha Venkat :@subhikshavenkat

   Followers :166K

   Instagram :

Intro :Subhiksha Venkat, a top fashion influencer in Chennai, is a blogger, fashion enthusiast, and digital influencer. She curates content across fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. Additionally, she’s the founder of ‘Kaathadi Madras,’ a marketing agency, and operates Her Instagram highlights cover various topics, including OOTD, travel, and collaborations with brands like Flipkart and L’Oreal.

9.Divyalakshmi :@glowthisway

   Followers :70.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Divyalakshmi, a leading fashion Instagrammer in Chennai, is a BOI-recognized creator who has garnered various awards, including the recent Reels Awards. She curates content in fashion, dance, food, and lifestyle, and has been featured in publications like Ananda Vikatan and Cinema Vikatan, as well as Meta India’s website. Her Instagram highlights cover diverse topics, from celebrity encounters to travel and brand collaborations.

10.Shamshad Begum :@begumschoice

        Followers :247K

       Instagram :

Intro :Shamshad Begum, a Chennai-based fashion influencer and digital creator, covers various niche genres including food, fashion, events, and lifestyle. She believes in the philosophy of “Staying in my lane, Minding my own business.” She was also a contestant in Miss India 2005. Her Instagram highlights range from local advocacy to travel and food experiences, showcasing her diverse interests and experiences.

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