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Top 10 Couple Travel Influencers and Bloggers

1.Thara & Goutham :@cluelesscompass

Followers :18.4K

Instagram :

Intro :“Embarked on unforgettable journeys with my beloved, exploring diverse cultures & places. Our diary brims with cherished memories, love, & snapshots.”

2.Trip Jodi :@tripjodi

Followers  :10.8K

Instagram :

Intro :“Strangers turned partners through travel. Each trip deepened our bond and revealed new facets of ourselves. Exploring together revitalized our lives. With Tripjodi, we prioritize budget-friendly adventures.”

3.Charvi & Jaymine Shah :@lovewithtravel

Followers :126K

Instagram :

Intro :“Love With Travel: Inspiring exploration, encouraging couples to venture to hidden gems. Join us on our journey to inspire wanderlust and independent travel.”

4.Rajni & Yogesh :@coupleonbike

Followers :5,546

Instagram :

Intro :“CoupleOnBike: Yogesh & Rajni’s shared passion for both each other and motorcycles.”

5. Ankita & Chetan  :@married_to_a_beardo

Followers :18K

Instagram :

Intro :“Chetan and Ankita: A blog celebrating travel, food, love, beards, and positive vibes!

6.Nisha and Vasu : @jha_nisha

Followers :21.6K

Instagram :

Intro : “Our blog highlights experiential travel across 43+ countries, emphasizing culture, lifestyle, unique attractions, and itineraries. Renowned globally, it prioritizes counting memories over tallying places.”

7. Anvitha And Divin: @loadingmiles

Followers :28.9K

Instagram :

Intro :“An inspiration for aspiring travelers, offering insights into off-the-beaten-path destinations with comprehensive travel details.”

8.Gargi Manish :@_2ghumakkar_

Followers :8,605

Instagram :

Intro :“We capture vibrant landscapes, architectural wonders, and cultural nuances through honest and captivating photography. Our goal: visit, learn, and preserve precious memories from diverse places, languages, customs, and traditions.”

9.Kitty & Navin :@thenextcheckin

Followers :61.2K

Instagram :

Intro :“Explore offbeat destinations worldwide through our diverse blog.”

10.Nirali & Rishabh :@_gypsycouple

Followers :51.5K

Instagram :

Intro : “Gypsy couple shares our journey as a couple with contrasting personalities, exploring luxury and adventure, from beaches to mountains. Discover our lifestyle choices, including fashion, vegetarian cuisine, and more, on the move.”

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