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Top 10 Delhi Food Vloggers

1.Karan Dua :@dilsefoodie

Followers : 1.2M

Instagram :

Intro :Karan Dua is a passionate food, travel, and lifestyle enthusiast. His love for food knows no bounds, and he’s always ready to explore new culinary delights. Follow him for the best recommendations on loaded paneer bruschetta and other delectable dishes in Delhi. Whether you’re craving a hearty thali or a flavorful Jalandhari Omelet, Karan Dua has got you covered. Join him on his gastronomic adventures and discover the ultimate food experiences.

2.Sarah Hussain :@zingyzest

Followers :602K

Instagram :

Intro :Sarah is a top-notch food blogger in Delhi, known for her impeccable taste and classy food choices showcased on Instagram. From heart-shaped pizzas to a variety of momos, she explores all culinary delights. Join her on her food journey to discover heavenly foods and stay updated on new food joints. Don’t miss out on Sarah’s delicious discoveries; they’re perfect for solo outings or enjoying with loved ones.

3.Mehak Dhawan : @foodiesince96

Followers : 335K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Mehak Dhawan, a rising star in the food blogging industry, known for her dedication to showcasing the true essence of cuisines. Her journey began with sharing her blogs and photos publicly, and since then, there has been no looking back. With a passion for food blogging and unwavering consistency, Mehak consistently brings new flavors to light. From creating meticulous content to executing it flawlessly, she demonstrates her ability to achieve success in the field. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey with Mehak Dhawan and discover the richness of flavors she has to offer.

4.Sukrit jain :@thegreatindianfoodie

Followers :586K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet ‘thegreatindianfoodie,’ a passionate food lover whose Instagram profile is a haven for all food enthusiasts. From savory paneer tikka to indulgent waffles and cheesy pizzas, his feed is a treasure trove of delicious delicacies. Take recommendations and explore the best cuisines showcased on his page, and treat yourself to unforgettable flavors. Join ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ on his culinary journey and indulge in a world of gastronomic delights.

5.Nikita Varma: @iamdatingfood

Followers : 545K

Instagram :

Intro :Nikita is a top Indian food blogger, renowned for her passion for food, travel, and recipe sharing. Her Instagram page showcases her love for diverse cuisines, from street food to fine dining, and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. As a food reviewer, her recommendations are highly valued, making her a must-follow for anyone looking to indulge in mouth-watering dishes. Join Nikita on her culinary adventures and get ready to be tantalized by her delectable recommendations.

6.Paresh Gupta : @khaata_rahe_mera_dil

Followers :106K

Instagram :

Intro : Meet Paresh Gupta, one of Delhi’s most enthusiastic food lovers and a dedicated food explorer. With a mission to taste every culinary delight the city has to offer, Paresh is your go-to guide for finding the best rajma chawal, chicken banno kebab, chili chicken pizza, and a variety of momos. Follow Paresh Gupta’s profile for your next food adventure and discover the hidden gems of Delhi’s food scene. Get ready to indulge your taste buds and make unforgettable food memories with Paresh as your guide.

7.SAURABH NIRMAL : @thatdelhifoodie

Followers : 238K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Saurabh, a passionate food blogger and Engineer based in Delhi. With a love for food, travel, hotels, and lifestyle, Saurabh maximizes every opportunity to indulge in his favorite hobbies. From thalis to momos, pizzas to gol gappas, he’s sampled every cuisine imaginable. Follow Saurabh on Instagram for a glimpse into his food paradise and discover new places to explore. Lose yourself in Saurabh’s culinary adventures and embark on your own food journey.

8.Karan Singhal :@thefoodattacker

Followers :169K

Instagram :

Intro : Meet Karan, a Delhi food blogger who describes himself as 90% vegetarian but also a lover of non-veg delights. With a passion for exploring diverse cuisines, Karan enjoys everything from traditional Indian staples like dal chawal to gourmet treats like croissants. His Instagram page showcases his love for both savory and sweet dishes, featuring mouthwatering delights such as rasmalai, gulab jamun, jalebi, imarti, laddu, and kheer. Follow Karan for a culinary journey that embraces the best of both worlds.

9.Rishabh Gemini :@the_foodie_bae

Followers :383K

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Rishabh, a top food influencer in Delhi who also has a passion for travel. Through his Instagram account, Rishabh shares enticing food stories that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. His posts feature heavenly delicacies that can help you decide your next food outing. Don’t miss out on any delicious treats Rishabh tastes—follow him to stay updated on the best food experiences in Delhi.

10.Parth Vandana :@foodiecouple_parvan

Followers :124K

Instgram :

Intro :Meet Parth and Vandana, a couple who share their culinary adventures with their followers, setting major relationship goals. From South Indian dosas to savory donuts, mushroom pots to malai tikka, they’ve sampled a wide array of dishes in their food journey. If you’re eager to discover their latest food hot spots, don’t hesitate—follow them now!

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