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Top 10 Gardening Influencers and Bloggers

1.Ekta Chaudhary

Followers :245K


Intro :Ekta’s Instagram bursts with vibrant greens and colourful pops, offering a wealth of gardening inspiration and home decor tips. Whether you’re seeking advice on nurturing plants or transforming your space into a lush oasis, her page is a treasure trove of ideas. Ekta also hosts workshops for plant enthusiasts, sharing valuable tips and fostering a thriving community of green thumbs.

2 Vinayak Garg

Followers :352K


Intro :Vinayak Garg simplifies plant parenting, offering expert advice on care dos and don’ts. From watering schedules to pest management, he’s your go-to for all things green. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned gardener, Vinayak has the answers to nurture your plant journey. 

3.Sumesh Nayak :@1500sqft_gardener

Followers :43.7K


Intro: Sumesh Nayak showcases the epitome of urban jungle creation in his 1,500-sq-ft space, boasting a diverse array of plants including succulents, mulberry trees, and monsteras. Through captivating reels and Instagram posts, he offers followers a visual delight, detailing the journey and performance of each plant. Sumesh’s lush forest serves as an inspiration for urban gardeners, proving that even in limited space, a thriving green oasis is possible.

4.Yashika Bisht :@palasah_jivika

Followers: 49.8K 


Intro :Yashika Bisht’s Instagram radiates tranquility with her portrayal of life in the Himalayas, where she proves that plants can flourish even in high-altitude and cold conditions. Beyond showcasing her green oasis, Yashika delves into sustainability and provides insights into mountain living, offering a holistic glimpse into her slow-paced lifestyle.

5.. Annette Matthew :geeksofgreen

Followers :46.6K


Intro :Annette’s passion for plants shines through her voice and spark, as she shares her collection and care tips with followers. Even if you’re not a plant parent, her page offers calming green visuals for all to enjoy.

6.Khushi Chaudhary :khushis_balcony_garden

Followers :44.9K


Intro :Khushi simplifies balcony gardening for busy city dwellers, offering tips on setup and maintenance. Enjoy the benefits of a cooler home in summer while creating a green oasis in your own space. 

7. Priyanka :colorsbypriyanka

Followers :47.2K


Intro :Priyanka’s page showcases creative plant DIYs to enhance living room decor, infusing a boho vibe and revitalizing the space. Break free from traditional gardening and integrate plants seamlessly into your home decor for a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. 

8.Aditi :@thegreenishaffair

Followers :148K


Intro : Aditi offers comprehensive tutorials on growing a variety of plants from start to finish, aiding both seasoned plant parents and novices alike. Whether it’s mint, sunflowers, tomatoes, strawberries, or more, her page provides all the answers you need to nurture your green thumb. 

9.Madhavi Guttikonda :mad_gardener_

Followers :184K


Intro :Madhavi enlightens her audience on organic farming, sustainability, and her plant journeys while showcasing her thriving garden. With a focus on homegrown produce, her posts celebrate the joys of enjoying a veggie feast straight from the garden.

10.Divya Kanwar :indiangreendreams

Followers :85.3K


Intro :Dive into Divya Kanwar’s page for organic gardening hacks and seasonal fruit growing tips. From enhancing your garden to achieving bountiful harvests, she shares actionable insights for every plant enthusiast. 

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