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Top 10 Jaipur Fashion Bloggers: Fashion Trends and Styles

1.Deepika Sharma :@deepika_deebrew

    Followers :96.2K

    Instagram :

Intro :Deepika, a fitness enthusiast and top fashion influencer in Jaipur, often shuttles between Jaipur and Mumbai for work but remains deeply rooted in Jaipur culture. Her style blends ethnic Rajasthani vibes with impeccable flair for both Western and Indian attire. Co-founder of ‘Pomcha Jaipur’, her personal website offers glimpses into her fashion choices and daily life. Deepika also champions brands like Croma, MyGlamm, and Colorbar.

2.Harshita Kasera :@harshitakasera

   Followers :345K

   Instagram :

Intro :Harshita, a prominent fashion influencer in Jaipur, doubles as a food and beauty blogger. Her Instagram showcases stunning outfits, exuding confidence in every pose. Dedicated to veganism, she shares fashion tips alongside endorsing brands like ReeVeda, Organix Mantra, and TabletShablet.

3.SAKSHI KOTHARI :@sakshikothari16

   Followers :42.3K

   Instagram :

Intro :Sakshi, a prolific content creator and fashion blogger, reigns as one of Jaipur’s top fashionistas. Her Instagram posts boast eye-catching outfits against stunning backdrops, setting fashion goals effortlessly. She owns her style with confidence, offering the latest tips and tricks to her followers. Sakshi collaborates with brands such as The Body Shop, Belief, and mCaffeine on her platform.

4.Archi Vijayvargia : @i_archivj

   Followers :79K

   Instagram :

Intro :Archi, a vibrant fashion blogger, ensures her followers stay updated with her stylish outings through regular Instagram updates. Her impeccably captured photos serve as inspiration for wardrobe makeovers, spanning both Western and Indian wear with finesse. Known for her relatability, Archi embodies both fashion diva and accessibility. She also promotes brands like Daniel Washington and Bioderma on her platform.

5.Nidhi Agarwal :@treasure_muse

   Followers :252K

   Instagram :

Intro :Nidhi, a dynamic fashion and lifestyle blogger, leads a fashion-forward lifestyle while also serving as Creative Head of her label, “Vadhini.” She designs all the clothes for the brand. Additionally, she contributes to skill development in India through the ‘Avyaya Welfare Foundation’. Her website covers topics ranging from food and travel to beauty and fashion. Recognized as one of the “top 5 lifestyle bloggers in Jaipur,” Nidhi has collaborated with over 90 brands, including Ximi Vogue and Daniel Washington.

6.Dipti Sharma Thakur :@diptisharma_official

   Followers :69.3K

   Instagram :

Intro :Dipti, a vibrant model and social media influencer, showcases her creative style and confidence through her Instagram posts. Her feed blends ethnicity with modernity, reflecting diverse forms of beauty. Dipti’s knack for posing and dressing exudes confidence and vogue, making her a sought-after fashion influencer for wardrobe upgrades. She also promotes brands like Seed Rakhi, Indigifts, and MooiBox.

7.MEGHA :@missclassynova

   Followers :21.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Megha, a fashion enthusiast and yoga lover, fills her Instagram with stunning images of fashion and challenging yoga poses. Following her provides insights into both fashion and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She’s a dedicated promoter of brands like Mamaearth, ICICI Lombard, and Kalyani Remedies, offering a blend of fashion and wellness tips on her platform.

8.Komal Gudan :@komalgudan

   Followers :242K

   Instagram :

Intro :Komal Gudan, a leading stylist and fashion influencer from Jaipur, shares effortless yet elegant style tips, keeping you updated on the latest trends. Follow her for new product launches and fantastic makeup advice.

9.Chitrangi sharma :@mydesipandora

   Followers :100K

   Instagram :

Intro :Chitrangi Sharma, awarded “Best Lifestyle Blogger 2020,” lives up to her name with a surprise box of trendy outfits for every occasion. As a fashion influencer and writer, she loves experimenting with her wardrobe, crafting unique styles that stand out.

10.Shivani Puri :@shivisha_

       Followers :33.9K

        Instagram :

Intro :Shivani is a captivating entertainer and fashion influencer, drawing you in with her quirky and glamorous outfits. Her serene travel destinations are another compelling reason to hit that follow button on her profile.

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