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Top 10 Jaipur Lifestyle Influencers: Lifestyle Trends and Insights

1.Somya Shekhawat :@somya_shekhawat

    Followers :42K

    Instagram :

Intro :Somya is a Jaipur-based digital creator known for her vibrant lifestyle, travel, and fashion content. As an advocate for her community, she champions various causes. With accolades like ‘Best Travel Influenza’21’ and a significant online presence with 2M score on Snapchat and 14k subscribers on YouTube, she’s a notable figure in the influencer sphere. Beyond her online persona, she’s also associated with @lovehandmadeart and boasts a Google Lvl10 contributor status.

2.Neha : @creative_nddm

   Followers :25.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Creative_Neha is a prominent lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blogger based in Jaipur. As a digital creator and influencer, she shares her insights on various aspects of modern living. Balancing her role as a working mom adds depth to her content, resonating with many who juggle similar responsibilities. With her engaging posts, she’s made a significant impact in the influencer community, particularly in Jaipur.

3.Chetna Gupta :@letsexploretogether_jaipur

    Followers :20.8K

    Instagram :

Intro :Chetna Gupta, a Jaipur-based digital creator, is renowned for her captivating content spanning food, lifestyle, and travel. With her vibrant personality, she invites fellow Jaipurites to explore the city together, fostering a sense of community. Certified by BOI, her creative prowess shines through in her engaging posts, making her a respected figure in the online realm.

4.Akanksha :@jrstarshadow

   Followers :20.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Akanksha is a prominent digital creator based in Jaipur, known for her captivating content focused on food and lifestyle. With a mantra of “Food. Fashion. Fitness makes a Lifestyle,” she shares her passion for these aspects with her audience. Her engaging posts showcase the vibrant culinary scene and lifestyle offerings of Jaipur, making her a trusted source of inspiration for many.

5.Siddarth Kapoor :@jaipur_blogger

   Followers :21.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Siddarth Kapoor is a seasoned digital creator who established himself in 2018. His expertise spans across travel, food, lifestyle, and fitness, showcasing his diverse interests. As an influencer and digital marketer, he leverages his skills to create engaging content and connect with his audience effectively.

6.Srishty Singh :@slayinggmum

   Followers :27.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Srishty Singh is a multifaceted digital creator, known not only for her engaging content but also as a mother of two. Her expertise lies in fashion, making her a prominent influencer in the realm of “Fashion Mom Influencers.” Additionally, she showcases her talent as a makeup artist under the handle @muasrishtysingh. Moreover, she co-founded @lil_paisleyybysriansh, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her creative endeavors.

7.Khushi Khandelwal :@_blogbykhushi_

   Followers :55.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Khushi Khandelwal is a dynamic blogger who excels in three key areas: food, fashion, and travel. With her vibrant content, she offers insights and inspiration to her audience across these diverse interests. Whether exploring new culinary delights, showcasing the latest fashion trends, or sharing travel adventures, Khushi’s blog resonates with those seeking a mix of lifestyle experiences.

8.Sonal Menghwani :@sonal_menghwani

   Followers :62.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Sonal Menghwani is a versatile marketing consultant known for her expertise in lifestyle, fashion, travel, and user-generated content (UGC). With an impressive portfolio of over 300 brands, she brings valuable insights and creativity to her collaborations. Her broad range of skills and experiences makes her a sought-after professional in the marketing industry.

9.𝐕𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐘𝐀𝐓𝐀 :@variyata_singh

      Followers :14.8K

      Instagram :

Intro :Varityata, a digital creator based in Jaipur, is renowned for her modeling and influence in the realms of fashion and lifestyle. As Miss Intercontinental India 2022 and Miss Rampwalk 2023, she’s celebrated for her elegance and style. Her online presence reflects her passion for fashion and her dedication to influencing trends in the industry.

10. Rahul karel :@theclassynob

       Followers :40.3K

       Instagram :

Intro :Rahul Karel is a prominent fashion blogger and digital creator known for his unique take on men’s fashion and lifestyle. With a mantra of “I’m my own fashion,” he empowers individuals to express themselves through style. As a Gen Z teacher at @biowalaa, he shares his insights on fashion trends and lifestyle choices, effortlessly elevating men’s style.

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