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Top 10 Kanpur Fashion Bloggers: Fashion Trends and Styles

1.Parul Tiwari :@parultiwari_22

   Followers :866K

   Instagram :

Intro :Parul Tiwari, known for her captivating video content, effortlessly embodies the essence of a fashion icon. With her keen sense of style and trendsetting looks, she captivates audiences with every video she creates. Parul’s ability to curate unique and chic outfits makes her a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Her distinctive flair and charisma elevate her status as a true trendsetter in the world of fashion.

2.Siddharth Gupta :@itsmesiddharthh

   Followers :17.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Siddharth Gupta, a talented photographer, captures life’s moments with precision and artistry, as indicated by his tagline “Life in focus 📸.” He is deeply passionate about photography and his love for gear is evident from his title as a “GEARHEAD.” Siddharth’s work speaks volumes, embodying the essence of his mantra “Kind words cost nothing.” He’s also associated with the hashtag #dhanno.

3.Kavya Mathur :@kamakaaziiii

   Followers :8,170

   Instagram :

Intro :Kavya Mathur, a rising star in the fashion world, is renowned for her captivating content and keen eye for style. As a fashion blogger, she curates stunning looks, blending trends effortlessly with her personal flair. Kavya’s blog serves as a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking inspiration and advice on the latest trends and styles. With her impeccable taste and knack for storytelling through fashion, she has garnered a dedicated following and solidified her status as a prominent influencer in the fashion blogging community.

4.Neha Duseja :@nehadusejamua

   Followers :22.2K

   Instagram :

Intro :Neha Duseja is a highly skilled makeup artist based in Kanpur, specializing in bridal makeup. With her expertise and creativity, she transforms brides into radiant beauties on their special day. Beyond her makeup artistry, Neha also shares her knowledge and skills as an educator in the field. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to excellence have made her a sought-after professional in the makeup industry in Kanpur.

5.Varun Gera :@thevarungera

   Followers :23.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Varun Gera, known as Alpha in the digital realm, is a prominent creator hailing from India. With a resilient spirit symbolized by his mantra “UNFAZED,” he navigates the online world with confidence and determination. Varun’s content revolves around fashion, fitness, and lifestyle, reflecting his diverse interests and passions. As a digital influencer, he inspires and empowers his audience to embrace their own unique journey while staying true to themselves.

6.Ayushi Awasthi :@_ayushiawasthi_

   Followers :42K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ayushi Awasthi, a dynamic digital creator from Kanpur, spreads joy and positivity through her content. Her passion for her city is evident as she shares the vibrant culture and essence of Kanpur with her audience. Ayushi’s influence extends beyond her digital presence, as she’s been recognized with an invitation to the prestigious NC Award 2024, reflecting her impact and contribution to the online community.

7.Rythm Bajpai :@bajpai_rhythm

   Followers :30.4K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rythm Bajpai, a prolific video creator, is driven by her passion for lifestyle influencing. Originally from Kanpur, she has journeyed through Lucknow and Delhi, enriching her content with diverse experiences. Rythm’s dedication to her craft shines through her engaging videos, which inspire and resonate with her audience across various platforms.

8.Somya Tandon :@littlethingsaboutmylife

     Followers :104K

     Instagram :

Intro :Somya Tandon, a digital creator hailing from Kanpur, is passionate about showcasing her city’s charm and culture. Through her engaging content, she serves as a local guide, offering insights and recommendations to her audience. Somya’s inviting approach encourages followers to connect with her journey and explore the beauty of Kanpur alongside her.

9.Ishita Mangal :@ishitamangal

   Followers :447K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ishita Mangal, a dynamic video creator, is known for her unconventional approach to delivering fashion and beauty content. With a unique blend of informative insights and comedy, she captivates her audience. As an original creator who merges fashion with humor, Ishita has amassed over 700k subscribers on YouTube, solidifying her influence in the digital space.

10.Dolly Jain :@dolly.jain

     Followers :1.7M

     Instagram :

Intro :Dolly Jain, a prominent public figure from India, is dedicated to popularising the saree as a timeless and versatile fashion statement. With her expertise in draping techniques, she empowers individuals to embrace the elegance of sarees in their everyday attire. Dolly’s mission to promote sarees resonates with many, inspiring a resurgence of interest in this traditional Indian garment.

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