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“Top 10 Kolkata Fashionistas: Trends and Fashion Forward Tips”

1.AISHA MAHDI :@styleetvogue

   Followers : 1M

   Instagram :

Intro :Aisha Mahdi: Kolkata-based fashion influencer, digital creator, and entrepreneur. Featured in Forbes India 50 Digital Star list. Meta brand ambassador. Collaborations with Luxury Scents, Zivame, Michael Kors, etc. Active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Highlights: Saisha, M.A.C, Gucci, Maybelline, etc.

2.Priyambada Nayak :@priya_priyambada

   Followers :371K

   Instagram :

Intro :Priya Priyambada: Leading Kolkata fashion Instagrammer, public figure, and entrepreneur. Founder of “Mission Dreams” and “Be You Records.” Highlights: Cover Pages, MD-2022, Worked With, Mission Dreams, etc. Collaborations with Gucci, Daniel Wellington, Shein, etc. Featured in magazines like Bombay Film Production. Active across major social media platforms.

3.Sudeshna Simi :@sudeshnasworld

    Followers :711K

    Instagram :

Intro :Sudeshna Simi: Leading Kolkata fashion influencer on Instagram, known for beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion content. Highlights include travels to Turkey, Budapest, Vienna, etc. Collaborations with ColourPop, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Active on multiple social media platforms.

4.Srijita Mitra :@srijitamitraofficial

   Followers :991K

   Instagram :

Intro : Srijita Mitra: Prominent Kolkata fashion influencer known for her dedication and philosophical outlook. Instagram highlights include Moyukh’s 29th, Homie, Basanta Utsav, etc. Engaging reels creator. Active on Facebook and other social media platforms.

5.Sanhati Giri :@sanhatigiri

   Followers : 119K

   Instagram :

Intro : Sanhati Giri: Leading Kolkata fashion influencer on Instagram, covering beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Highlights include rare bird, Belora Paris, Medimix, etc. Engaging reels creator. Active on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

6.Joyeeta Banerjee : @joyeetabanerjee11

     Followers :172K

     Instagram :

Intro :Joyeeta Banerjee: Prominent Kolkata fashion Instagrammer and digital creator. Admin of Bee Influencer Hub. Content spans lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food. Highlights include Nitya Jewellers, Titan, Miniso, etc. Active in cross-domain functions.

7.Srijoni Chatterjee : @srijonichatterje

   Followers :157K

   Instagram :

Intro :Srijoni Chatterjee: Top Kolkata fashion influencer, artist, and digital creator. Content spans fashion, lifestyle, dance, and travel. Active on Facebook and YouTube. Instagram highlights include Acropolis Mall, Tommy Hilfiger, Sunburn Festival, etc.

8.Anushka Banerjee :@anushka_bee

   Followers :186K

   Instagram :

Intro : Atreyi Banerjee: Leading Kolkata fashion influencer on Instagram with a philosophical mission. Content covers lifestyle, fashion, comedy, and vines. Instagram highlights include Doodles, H.O.A, Random Selfies, etc.

9.Arpita Saha| :@arpita_saha29

   Followers :223K

   Instagram :

Intro :Arpita Saha: Kolkata-based fashion influencer and digital creator. Content spans lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Active on YouTube and Facebook. Engages audience with reels. Instagram highlights include Sidhmo Festival, Mama Earth, Pantaloons, etc.

10.Chitra Banerjee :@

      Followers :251K

      Instagram :

Intro : Chitra Banerjee: Top Kolkata fashion Instagrammer, digital creator, and lifestyle blogger. Also active on YouTube and Facebook. Created guide on “Classic Couture”. Instagram highlights include Flipkart Live, Myntra, Samsung, SVF, etc.

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