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“Top 10 Kolkata Mompreneurs: Balancing Life’s Many Roles”

1.Kakali Biswas :@phoenix_stories

   Followers :38.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kakali, a prominent figure in both the fashion industry and Tollywood, is the founder of the renowned fashion label, Dora by Phoenix. Celebrities like Mamata Shankar and Paoli Dam favor her exquisite saris. Since 2019, Dora by Phoenix has captivated fashionistas with its blend of traditional weaves and quirky prints. Kakali’s daughter, Medha Nandi, assists her mother with the creative aspects of the business, adding to its success.

2.Gauri Saha :@nakshthelabel

    Followers :6,848

    Instagram :

Intro :Gauri Saha’s label, Naksh, remains a dominant force in the fashion industry. Recently, actress Swastika Mukherjee was seen wearing one of their saris. Since 2017, Naksh has been winning hearts with its diverse range of offerings, including easy-breezy dresses, trendy blouses, traditional men’s wear, and a wide variety of saris.

3.Aishwarya Biswas :@auliglow

     Followers :70.9K

     Instagram :

Intro :Aishwarya Biswas and her brand, Auli, are go-to destinations for skincare solutions. As an entrepreneur, she shares skincare and grooming tips on her active Instagram handle. Her website offers personalized product recommendations based on individual skin concerns and types. Aishwarya’s radiant skin serves as inspiration for many to prioritize self-care.

4.Swaralipi Chatterjee :@abarbaithak

    Followers :799

    Instagram :

Intro :When it comes to the vibrant eat and chill spots in Kolkata, Swaralipi Chatterjee, an actress-turned-businesswoman, stands out with her establishment, Abar Baithak. This hotspot maintains the city’s beloved adda culture, providing delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. With its Feluda theme, it’s a must-visit for fans of Satyajit Ray and the iconic character Feluda.

5.Sonika Dey :@sonika90dey

    Followers : 61.5K

    Instagram :

Intro : Bunaphile, one of the city’s rapidly expanding cafes, is the brainchild of Sonika Dey, a promising entrepreneur. Her inspiring success story serves as motivation for many. Starting with a modest 100-square-foot shop using her wedding jewelry as seed capital, Sonika transformed Bunaphile into one of the largest cafes in the city. The cafe’s vibrant atmosphere appeals to coffee lovers of all ages, making it a bustling hotspot.

6.Monalisha Manna :@monalishamanna

   Followers :11.3K

  Instagram :

Intro :Earthaments, a jewelry brand where artistic finesse meets aesthetics in every piece, is the brainchild of Monalisha Manna. Monalisha’s journey from engineering to jewelry crafting marks a complete transformation. With a diverse and thriving clientele including actress Sauraseni Maitra and fashion influencer Pushpak Sen, Earthaments appeals to young women and brides alike.

7.Surbhi Bagla :@thelogicallamp

    Followers :3,838

    Instagram :

Intro :Spearheaded by Surbhi Bagla, The Logical Lamp is a pioneering initiative accredited by the STEM Academy of the USA, aiming to cultivate young minds. As the first STEM-based academy in Kolkata, it emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with the recent inclusion of Arts. The program aids individuals in nurturing their creativity and problem-solving abilities, fostering holistic growth.

8.Shaleni S. Biswas :@easynotestationery

     Followers :42

     Instagram :

Intro :Shaleni S. Biswas embarked on her publishing journey as one of the directors of Chaya Prakashani. During the COVID pandemic, she transitioned to establish her own stationary brand, Easy Notes. An avid trekker who has even reached the Everest Base Camp, Shaleni is determined to establish her brand as one of the leading names in India.

9.Shalvi Mangaokar :@shaallwe

   Followers : 6,160

   Instagram :

Intro :She is the founder of @themill_in, advocating for happy parenting and the working mom lifestyle. Based in Pune, she is a proud mother with past experience at @lbbdelhincr and @hindustantimes.

10.Papri Ganguly :@throughmypinkwindow

       Followers :109K

       Instagram :

Intro :A prominent figure in the parenting and lifestyle scene in Kolkata, she’s a dedicated advocate of motherhood, makeup, and more. Recognized as a top 100 #MomInfluencer by @momspresso, FeedSpot, and @agencymasala, she’s been featured on @thebnbmagazine for her insights and expertise.

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