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Top 10 Lucknow Fitness Experts: Fitness Tips and Workouts

1.DIGVIJAY SINGH :@digvijaysinghfit

   Followers :26.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Digvijay Singh, a celebrated athlete, holds the title of Mr. India in professional bodybuilding. As a certified trainer and contest prep coach, he imparts his expertise to others. He also owns The Terminator Gym, further solidifying his influence in the fitness industry.

2.Akash Singh

   Followers :1,832

   Instagram :

Intro :Akash Singh, a seasoned fitness trainer and accomplished athlete, holds prestigious titles including Mr. North India 2023 and Sher-E-Banaras 2021. He has also secured the Mr. Lucknow Region title twice in 2021 and 2023, along with Mr. Purvanchal 2021 and Universal Cup 2021 accolades. His expertise and success in the fitness industry are evident through his impressive achievements.

3.Adil Khan :@adilkhan0291

   Followers :18.7K

   Instagram :

Intro : Adil Khan, a seasoned fitness trainer and professional bodybuilder, boasts titles such as Mr. Lucknow 2014 and a bronze medal in Mr. UP. He is the proud owner of Fitness 365 Club and Fitness 365 Club 2.0, establishments that reflect his commitment to health and fitness.

4.Amanpreet Singh :@amanpreet_sahni

   Followers :2,898

   Instagram :

Intro :Amanpreet Singh, renowned as a transformation specialist and fitness trainer, holds illustrious titles such as Mr. Asia, two-time Mr. India, and Mr. UP Champion of Champion for 2023 and 2024. With additional accolades like Mr. Lucknow Region thrice and Mr. Lko Champion of Champion, he has solidified his position in the fitness realm. Amanpreet also owns Fitness Planet Unisex Gym, where he continues to inspire others on their fitness journeys.

5.Yogendra Pratap Singh :@yogendra.singh_rajput

    Followers :4,052

    Instagram :

Intro :Yogendra Pratap Singh is a seasoned personal coach, internationally certified by ACE Fitness. As an EREPS member and qualified nutritionist, he brings a holistic approach to fitness. Additionally, Yogendra is a distinguished powerlifter and shares his expertise on YouTube through his channel, Shredisthenics.

6.Rahul Chandra :@decentdevil390

   Followers :2,911

   Instagram :

Intro :Rahul Chandra is a multifaceted individual, balancing a full-time career as a Government Banker with his passion for fitness. He holds an impressive array of titles in bodybuilding, including the Overall North India Bodybuilding Championship and a Bronze Medal at Mr. INDIA. Additionally, he has clinched the Silver Medal at Mr. UP. With his expertise as a fitness trainer and coach, Rahul inspires others to achieve their health and wellness goals, showcasing dedication and discipline both in and out of the gym.

7.Pranav :@flaaaassshhhhh

   Followers :9,514

   Instagram :

Intro :Pranav is a dynamic online fitness coach dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Through his expertise as a fitness trainer, he provides valuable free information, actionable tools, and engaging lifting content to his audience. Pranav specializes in getting people jacked, strong, and shredded, guiding them towards their desired physique and strength levels with personalized training programs and motivational support.

8.Shivam Gupta :@transform_with_shivam

   Followers :32.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Shivam Gupta is a transformative fitness trainer known for his expertise in helping people lose weight effectively in just four weeks. Having personally lost over 40 kilograms, he understands the journey firsthand. As the Team Manager and Nutritionist at @teametf_clients, Shivam provides comprehensive support, blending personalized training programs with expert nutritional guidance to empower individuals to achieve their weight loss goals and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

9.Arpita Bhutani :@arpita.bhutani

   Followers :6,821

   Instagram :

Intro :Arpita Bhutani is a versatile fitness trainer renowned for her holistic approach to health and wellness. Specializing in running, lifting, and meditation, she helps her clients achieve balance and strength both physically and mentally. Additionally, Arpita is a skilled wedding choreographer, adding a creative flair to special occasions. You can find her sharing her expertise and inspiration on @musclebeat_fitness24, where she encourages others to pursue their fitness goals with passion and dedication.

10.Abdullah :@shahzad_khan_fitness

     Followers :3,698

     Instagram :

Intro :Abdullah is a dedicated fitness trainer based in Lucknow, specializing in personal training with a focus on the Reps Category A certification. He holds a NSQF Level 4 qualification in fitness training from SPEFL-SC and is certified in CPR & AED by the Australian Life Saving Academy. Abdullah’s expertise lies in providing personalized fitness guidance and ensuring the safety and well-being of his clients during their workouts.

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