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Top 10 Makeup Artists in India

1.Sandhya Shekar :@sandhyashekar

Followers :116K


Intro :For festive and wedding makeup inspiration, check out Sandhya Shekar’s Instagram. Deepika Padukone’s preferred makeup artist, Shekar, opts for a matte, clean base, even amidst the dewy skin trend. She favors a no makeup-makeup look, often incorporating warm tones, matte browns, and earthy shades, which complement Indian skin tones. Shades of gold, bronze, and copper are her go-to for a cohesive look.

2.Mickey Contractor :@mickeycontractor

Follower :320K


Intro :Mickey Contractor’s page showcases cop-worthy looks sported by celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Kajol. His approach emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and classic beauty, steering clear of intense contours or colored eyeliner. He believes in enhancing natural features with subtle touches like bold brows or winged eyes.

3.ARTI NAYAR :@artinayar

Followers : 97K


Intro :Arti Nayar’s Instagram feed offers a pulse on the beauty community, featuring reels and IGTV videos inspiring viewers to try new looks. While she works with celebrities like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Katrina Kaif professionally, she enjoys experimenting with bold and creative styles on herself. Recently, she’s been loving trends like graphic liners and mascaras, showcasing them in her beauty looks on Instagram.

4.Namrata Soni :@namratasoni

Followers :734K


Intro :Namrata Soni, renowned for her #NamGlow, creates luminous, second-skin makeup looks. Her Instagram showcases editorial and celebrity red carpet looks with the same radiant quality. For her signature base, she advises buffing foundation over a suitable primer for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

5.Puneet Saini :@puneetbsaini

Followers :196K


Intro : Puneet Saini, known for her versatility, creates bold makeup looks for Alia Bhatt, ranging from all-bronze to bright pink lips. Her Instagram showcases images perfect for accentuating specific features. She believes in balance but encourages boldness with bright colors in a monochromatic theme, emphasizing the importance of keeping the overall look clean and fresh.

6.Vardan Nayak :@vardannayak

Followers :148K


Intro : Vardan Nayak’s page offers subtle yet glamorous makeup looks suitable for various occasions. Cream contour and a hint of blush are consistent features, along with his signature romantic smoky eye. His favorite eye-brightening trick involves using rose gold highlighter on eyelids, followed by peach or pink eyeshadow, and a thin winged liner. Finish with curled lashes and volumizing mascara for added drama.

7.Lekha Gupta :@makeupbylekha

Followers :108K


Intro :Lekha Gupta, the makeup artist behind Madhuri Dixit Nene’s bold makeup looks, challenges age norms by showcasing that experimenting with vibrant lipstick or dark eyeshadow remains timeless.

8.Daniel Bauer : @danielcbauer

Followers : 215K

Instagram :

Intro :Makeup artist Daniel Bauer is known for his creativity, often incorporating vibrant colors and textures like green eyeliner or bright pink lipstick into his looks. According to him, makeup rules are meant to be broken. He believes in the freedom to experiment and encourages individuals to focus on what makes them feel great rather than following trends.

9.Mehak Oberoi :@mehakoberoi

Followers :174K


Intro :For dramatic makeup inspiration, check out Mehak Oberoi’s Instagram. She amplifies looks with bright colors and glitters, often seen on celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Malaika Arora, and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

10.Pompy Hans  :@makeupbypompy

Followers :112K


Intro :Pompy Hans excels in contouring, whether creating a dramatic look for Kareena Kapoor Khan or a lighter one for Athiya Shetty. His technique involves applying contour cream or powder below the cheekbones and along the jawline, blending for a defined appearance. To achieve Kareena’s cheekbones, he emphasizes applying the product precisely below the hollow of the cheek and on the jawbone, complementing with highlighter for sharpness.

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