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Top 10 Pune Travel Bloggers: Travel Tales and Destinations

1.Saan and Abhi :@thatordinarycouple

   Followers :305K

   Instagram :

Intro :Saanya and Abhimanyu, known as “Spitfires in a bottle,” are far from ordinary. While one serves in the legislature and the other in the country’s defense, they find solace in offbeat travel adventures. Their authentic and inspiring travel content has garnered them a massive following, placing them at the top of Pune’s travel bloggers list. Visit their profile for a glimpse into their captivating journeys!

2.Siddhartha Joshi :@siddharthajoshi

   Followers :440K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Siddhartha Joshi, an Indian blogger captivating audiences with his travel tales since 2007. As a full-time travel photographer, he immortalizes moments that resonate deeply. Featured by esteemed platforms like HuffPost, CNN, and TEDx, he’s emerged as a top travel influencer in Pune. His stories have graced Discovery Channel and NDTV, setting him apart. Siddhartha’s ability to inspire and be inspired positions him as one of India’s premier travel bloggers. Follow his adventures for the best in travel experiences!

3.Aleena Mackar :@thestylechair

   Followers :32K

   Instagram :

Intro :Aleena lives life on her own terms, blending blogging, wanderlust, and entrepreneurship effortlessly. With years of experience, she infuses her travel diaries with unmatched creativity. From top accommodations to thrilling experiences, her blog has it all. Explore her world for the ultimate travel and adventure inspiration—you might just discover your next adrenaline rush!

4.Lipika Biswas :@lebecca_fashion

   Followers :50.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Lipika Biswas, a Pune-based blogger, excels in fashion, lifestyle, and travel, offering a unique perspective in each domain. Her captivating travel narratives evoke adrenaline-fueled excitement, particularly as she explores unconventional destinations. With a knack for the extraordinary, Lipika has garnered collaborations with renowned brands and widespread acclaim. For a fresh and distinctive perspective, check out her blog.

5.Sudha Varanasi :@sudhavaranasi

    Followers :7,944

    Instagram :

Intro :Ranked among the top travel bloggers, Sudha Varanasi is a trekking enthusiast, travel blogger, and athlete renowned for her imaginative and unique content. Focusing on often overlooked aspects of travel, she provides valuable insights for enthusiasts. From trekking tips to travel hacks and airport fixes, Sudha’s blog is a go-to resource for all your travel needs. Don’t embark on your next trip without visiting her page!

6.Santosh Talekar :@the_santosh_talekar

    Followers :72.4K

    Instagram :

Intro :The_Santosh_Talekar: A captivating travel blogger sharing wanderlust-inducing adventures. Explore breathtaking destinations through his lens and uncover hidden gems. Whether it’s serene landscapes or bustling cityscapes, he captures the essence of each location with finesse. Follow his Instagram for travel inspiration that will ignite your sense of adventure!

7.Rohan Pillai :@therohanpillai

   Followers :37.2K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rohan Pillai, also known as ROAR-O, is a multi-talented individual with a passion for art, writing, riding motorcycles, and rapping. As a communications specialist and a fauji kid, he brings a unique perspective to his creative endeavors. With interests ranging from music to mountains, he embodies a diverse and dynamic lifestyle.

8.Shivam Kakare :@srk_kakare_patil

    Followers :31.1K

    Instagram :

Intro :SRK Kakare Patil: An Instagram account showcasing the vibrant life and adventures of SRK. From travel escapades to everyday moments, SRK’s feed offers a glimpse into his world. Follow along for a dose of inspiration and exploration!

9.Sudha :@thecrazy_explorer

   Followers :20.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Sudha, a digital creator from Pune, wears many hats – lawyer by profession and explorer at heart. Her Instagram is a fusion of her passions: food, travel, and lifestyle. With a mantra of “Food is love, Travel is life,” she shares her adventures and culinary delights with her followers.

10.Sheeba :@cheesygirl7

       Followers :25.7K

        Instagram :

Intro :Sheeba is a Pune-based food and travel blogger, known for her digital creations and influence. With a focus on food and travel, she shares her experiences and recommendations with her followers, making her a prominent influencer in Pune.

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