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Top 10 Ahmedabad Food Bloggers: Food Adventures and Culinary Explorations

1.Pankaj Upadhyay :@itsfoodieonly  

    Followers :29.4K

    Instagram :

Intro :Pankaj Upadhyay shines on Instagram with his vibrant and diverse culinary creations, earning recognition as a top food influencer in Ahmedabad. From traditional Indian dishes to trendy bites, he serves up inspiration for both sweet and savory cravings. With a passion for food evident in every post, Pankaj’s feed is a go-to for anyone seeking delicious and colorful ideas.

2.Anjali :@bakesalotlady

   Followers :112K

   Instagram :

Intro :Anjali, a 22-year-old food blogger, has turned her passion for baking into a successful full-time profession. Known for her unique recipes and genuine presentation, she’s become one of Ahmedabad’s top food bloggers. With her creativity, she’s earned collaborations with brands like Daniel Wellington. Follow her for sweet treats and new recipe ideas!

3.Priya Thacker :@devilsredtongue

    Followers :16.1K

    Instagram :

Intro :Priya shares her food adventures and stories, from restaurant reviews to homemade recipes, inspiring her followers with her unconditional love for food. Her authentic and relatable content has garnered collaborations with major brands. Follow her for a taste of authentic delicacies and inspiration!

4.Deep Bhatt :@mr.fooodlover

   Followers :197K

   Instagram :

Intro :Deep spreads joy through his food stories as a certified Zomato connoisseur, showcasing Ahmedabad’s finest delicacies. His passion for food shines through his adventures, leading to numerous brand collaborations and establishing him as a top food blogger in Ahmedabad. Follow him for delicious culinary inspiration both in Ahmedabad and beyond!

5.Siddhi Panchal :@cookingwithsiddhi

   Followers :9,612

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Siddhi, a vegetarian food blogger and cook, captivating hearts with her homemade recipes. Her Instagram showcases mouthwatering images, while her YouTube channel reveals the secrets behind her drool-worthy creations. Siddhi’s love for cooking and skillful presentation have earned her a dedicated following. Head to her blog for delightful recipes to brighten your day!

6.Kinjal gohil :@hungrygang_ahm

   Followers :96.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kinjal Gohil, an Ahmedabad-based food blogger, delights Instagram with mouthwatering dishes and honest reviews. As a certified Zomato connoisseur, she explores the city’s best restaurants, showcasing their top dishes. With dedication and hard work, she’s risen to the ranks of the top Ahmedabad food bloggers and shows potential to climb even higher. Follow her for trustworthy restaurant recommendations!

7.Riya SAVJANI :@thestarvingstunner

   Followers :5,611

   Instagram :

Intro :This vegetarian food blogger celebrates Ahmedabad’s culinary scene through street food and high-end restaurant exploration. With drool-worthy food stories and comprehensive YouTube guides, she’s established herself as a top blogger in the city. Follow her for mouthwatering delights and the best places to satisfy your cravings!

8.Mehulkumar Prajapati :@ahmedabadi_mehul

   Followers :402K

   Instagram :

Intro :Mehul, a popular food influencer in Ahmedabad with 330k followers, started by exploring local street food gems. His use of Gujarati lingo and “લબાલબ” (meaning full) in every reel sets him apart. Beyond food, he showcases local shops, adding a personal touch with his signature sign-off, “Don’t wait, head there now!”

9.URJA MODI :@capturinghues

   Followers :48.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Urja Modi, an Indian digital creator, is a go-getter and globetrotter known for exploring unique things worldwide. A big-time foodie, she shares her culinary adventures alongside her travels.

10.Mahima Iyer :@tastingwithfingers

       Followers :104K

       Instagram :

Intro :Mahima, Ahmedabad’s go-to food influencer with 105k followers, reigns supreme in the foodie scene. Having explored over 500 places and counting, her Insta feed is a tantalizing mix of street food adventures and epic buffet tales. Hungry? Head to her Instagram page now!

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