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Top 10 Surat Lifestyle Influencers: Lifestyle Trends and Tips

1.ROHIT ZINJURKE :@rohittt_09_

   Followers :27.9M

   Instagram :

Intro :Rohit, a professional content creator and influencer from Surat, boasts a massive Instagram following of 27.5 million as the founder of ziro9 official. Known for his unique style and fearless sense of fashion, he’s appeared in music videos and is famed for his humorous and romantic content. Rohit’s comedy, dance, and lip-sync videos are highly popular. Through his account, he effortlessly makes fashion accessible to all, often showcasing creative outfits and sharing travel experiences. Collaborations with Jio Cinema and YouTube further highlight his influence.

2.Siddhi Mehta :@thedreamctchr

    Followers :246K

    Instagram :

Intro :Known as “thedreamctchr” on Instagram, she’s a Surat-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer with 248k followers. Collaborating with brands like Nikon, MAC, Lakme, and Garnier, she offers a versatile range of content in Hindi, English, and Gujarati. Surat-based fashion and lifestyle brands would greatly benefit from her advertising prowess.

3.TEJAS RANA :@iamtejaxx

    Followers :76K

     Instagram :

Intro :For unconventional wardrobe updates and killer street-style inspiration, check out Tejas Rana’s account. With 76.6k followers, his minimalistic yet distinctive aesthetic offers captivating content. Tejas specializes in street fashion and ensures his content stands out with unique styling advice. Follow him for major style inspiration and fresh wardrobe experiments!

4.Vrushali Vachhiyat :@vru_vachhiyat

    Followers :362K

    Instagram :

Intro :Vrushali Vachhiyat, a model and influencer from Surat, is renowned for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She’s often spotted in outfits from top brands like Zara and Forever 21, exuding confidence and modern elegance. With creative DIY and styling videos, she’s a pro at revamping simple clothes into stylish outfits. Collaborating with brands like Nykaa and Myntra, she’s a perfect fit for apparel, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

5.Parth Majiwala :@parth.majiwala 

   Followers :237K

   Instagram :

Intro :Parth, a prominent menswear influencer, is known for his impeccable sense of style and grooming expertise. With a penchant for bright colors and bold patterns, he’s an ideal guide for men’s fashion experimentation. Passionate about photography, he exudes a soothing minimalistic vibe in his content. Parth’s collaborations span across industries, from cosmetic products to energy drinks, making him a perfect fit for brands in men’s fashion and skincare.

6.Vitrag Mehta :@thestyledweller

   Followers :133K

   Instagram :

Intro :Vitrag, a fashion enthusiast and influencer known as ‘Style Dweller,’ excels in men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, and travel content. His feed showcases diverse styles, making him a must-follow for trending looks. As the founder of “the Conch” clothing brand, he’s a go-to for wardrobe makeovers. Collaborating with brands like Binomo and SHEIN, he’s an ideal choice for men’s skincare, apparel, and electronics brands.

7.BONY DEDKAWALA :@dedkawalabony

   Followers :313K

   Instagram :

Intro :Bony Dedkawal, Surat’s lifestyle, beauty, and fashion influencer, offers engaging content and redefines Indian men’s fashion. With a stylish digital presence, he’s known for experimenting with looks and reviewing men’s skincare products. Collaborating with brands like Nykaa Man and SHEIN, he’s a top choice for men’s healthcare, skincare, and apparel brands.

8.Jahanvi Tiwari :@thebrowndaughter

   Followers :258K

   Instagram :

Intro :Janhavi Tiwari, a content creator and influencer, specializes in makeup and apparel tips. Her fun and chirpy persona, along with creative and experimental content, make her a go-to for beauty advice. Collaborating with industry leaders like Lakme and Maybelline, she shares DIY makeup tutorials and engages her audience through giveaways. Janhavi is a top influencer in Surat for brands in the cosmetic, lifestyle, and skincare industries.

9.BHARGAV KHENI :@brgvstyle

   Followers :450K

   Instagram :

Intro :Bhargav Kheni, a Surat-based influencer, initially gained followers through his photography before venturing into modeling and content creation. Known for his edgy and classy style, his feed is rich in trending outfits and accessories, offering primary fashion goals. Collaborating with brands like Luxe Pods and Binomo, he’s ideal for men’s fashion, skincare, and footwear brands.

10.Reetika Jalan :@reetikajalan

     Followers :41.5K

     Instagram :

Intro :Reetika Jalan, a digital creator based in Ahmedabad/Surat, wears many hats as an event curator, brand promoter, and WICCI State President on social media. With a focus on lifestyle, food, and fashion, she showcases her creativity and passion through various mediums.

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