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Top 10 Ahmedabad Lifestyle Influencers: Lifestyle Trends and Insights

1.Heena Somani :@heenasomani

    Followers :162K

    Instagram :

Intro :Heena is the ultimate influencer for beauty, skincare, and fashion aficionados. With in-depth product reviews, makeup tutorials, and style tips, she’s a trusted authority on self-care and personal style.

2.Riya Turakhia

    Followers :278K

    Instagram :

Intro :Riya is renowned for her vibrant and eclectic fashion sense, fearlessly experimenting with colors, patterns, and unique accessories. Her bold and fearless style serves as an inspiration for followers to embrace their individuality.

3.Saloni Mehta :@yourstylewarder

     Followers :21K

     Instagram :

Intro :Saloni, a celebrated Celebrity Stylist, seamlessly merges traditional Indian attire with contemporary flair, showcasing a passion for fusion fashion. Her innovative style and versatility in experimenting with various looks have endeared her to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

4.Richa Dave :@richa_dave

   Followers :122K

   Instagram :

Intro :Richa, a beauty and makeup expert, imparts her knowledge through tutorials, reviews, and stunning makeup transformations. With a creative touch and unwavering passion, she has become a reliable guide for beauty enthusiasts in Ahmedabad.

5.Sahiba Arora :@sahibaa15

   Followers :39.4K

   Instagram :

Intro :Sahiba, a fashion entrepreneur and designer, introduces her own clothing line, offering trendy fashion selections directly from her brand. Her entrepreneurial path and forward-thinking designs serve as inspiration for aspiring designers and fashion devotees alike.

6.Gaurika Rathi :@gaurikarathii

   Followers :61.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Gaurika, with her impeccable fashion sense and attention to detail, crafts visually striking outfits that seamlessly merge sophistication with contemporary flair. Her feed serves as a wellspring of inspiration for individuals in search of chic and on-trend fashion selections.

7.Hirva Mehta :@blogft.hirva

   Followers :103K

   Instagram :

Intro :Hirva, a trendsetter with an eclectic fashion flair, fearlessly explores a spectrum of colors, patterns, and distinctive clothing pairings. Their daring and dynamic style captivates fashion enthusiasts looking to express themselves boldly through their wardrobe selections.

8.Ruju Desai :@ruju_fitness

   Followers :142K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ruju, a fashion and fitness influencer, promotes a healthy lifestyle through fashion and wellness content. She shares fitness routines, recipes, and motivational posts, inspiring followers to prioritise well-being. Her blend of stylish workout wear and practical tips encourages a balanced approach to fashion and fitness.

9.Raveena Tekwani :@raveena_tekwani

   Followers :181K

   Instagram :

Intro :Raveena, renowned for her flawless street style, seamlessly merges high fashion with urban vibes. Her knack for crafting stylish yet relatable looks positions her as a top fashion inspiration for the city’s youth.

10.GeetArsh Kaur :@namak_aur_kalimirch

        Followers :137K

       Instagram :

Intro :Geet, a model and skilled storyteller, embodies fusion fashion by seamlessly merging traditional Indian elements with modern trends. Their versatility celebrates cultural amalgamation, reflected in harmonious fusion looks that showcase their unique style and creative vision.

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