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Top 10 Pune Food Bloggers: Food Adventures and Culinary Delights

1.Natasha Diddee :@thegutlessfoodie

   Followers :110K

   Instagram :

Intro :Natasha Diddee, known as ‘thegutlessfoodie’ on Instagram, is a culinary inspiration hailing from Pune. Despite a rare health condition leaving her without a stomach, Natasha’s passion for food remains unyielding. Her blog showcases a diverse array of beautifully crafted dishes, accompanied by detailed write-ups. She serves as a beacon of motivation for all, offering healthy recipes and unwavering encouragement to pursue one’s passions. Natasha’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and love for cooking. More power to her!

2.Rinkel Arora :@dinedeliciousfood

   Followers :265K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rinkel Arora, creator of the blog ‘Dine Delicious’, embodies the essence of turning passion into a treat for the soul. With a focus on healthy and accessible dishes, she showcases the art of cooking as a shared experience that enhances its creative value. Dive into her blog for regular culinary delights and a fresh perspective on the joy of cooking.

3.Saiyam Arora :@khaane_ka_deewana

   Followers :10.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Saiyam Arora, known as ‘khaane_ka_deewana’ on Instagram, is a Pune-based food enthusiast living up to his name with his passion for food. His reviews on Instagram and Zomato serve as a culinary compass, guiding followers to their next delicious meal. A quick scroll through his feed transports you to a foodie’s paradise.

4.Dr Ruchi & Dr Anil :@thevegetarianfoodiee

   Followers :25.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ruchi Parekh, also known as ‘The Vegetarian Foodie’ on her Instagram and blog, ensures a delightful experience for her followers. Despite her profession as a doctor, her true passion shines through in her food writing. As a recognized ‘Connoisseur’ on Zomato, she expertly guides her audience to top-notch restaurants for delectable dishes, making her feed a must-follow for culinary experimentation.

5.Samruddha Patil :@when_in_pune

    Followers :27.6K

    Instagram :

Intro :Samruddha Patil, curator of ‘When In Pune’ blog, is a must-follow for food enthusiasts seeking the best dishes in town. Self-proclaimed ‘Dessertarian’, she covers everything from quick bites to street food, scrumptious desserts to refreshing drinks. Follow her for the latest food trends and satisfy your cravings!

6.Manasi Oswal :@themillionthfoodie

   Followers :29.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Manasi Oswal, aka ‘themillionthfoodie’ on Instagram, showcases the finest delicacies of Pune with stunning photography. Her feed is a feast for the eyes, inducing hunger pangs while guiding you to the best places to indulge in these delectable dishes.

7.Jerlyn :@jerlyndsilva

   Followers :71.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Jerlyn, based in Pune, offers the perfect motivation through her unique food blog. With captivating content that induces serious hunger pangs, her recommendations on Instagram are spot-on. Featured in Femina and Pune Times, her credibility speaks volumes. Follow her for culinary inspiration that hits the spot!

8.Sailee Paranjpe :@iforexplore

   Followers :8,905

   Instagram :

Intro :Sailee Paranjpe, a food blogger, traveler, and explorer, epitomizes the art of capturing memories from beautiful places, exquisite meals, and offbeat adventures worldwide on her blog “I For Explore”. Beyond Pune delicacies, she showcases delicious meals from around the globe. Prepare to be enamored by her feed!

9.Darpan Chordia :@veggie_pune

   Followers :103K

   Instagram :

Intro :His Instagram account, “Veggie Pune,” is a vegetarian’s paradise, featuring mouth-watering dishes and the best veggie spots in Pune. Follow him for the ultimate guide to delectable vegetarian cuisine in the city!

10.Nikita :@sangriamulgi

       Followers :11.7K

       Instagram :

Intro :Nikita’s Instagram feed, “Sangriamulgi,” is a delight for viewers, offering comprehensive reviews of exquisite restaurants and mouth-watering dishes. Don’t miss out on her feed if you love experimenting with new food and want your weekend dining scenes sorted!

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