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“Top 10 Chennai Mompreneurs: Balancing Family and Career with Grace”

1.Revathi :@mummaofvikirdhan

   Followers :6,751

   Instagram :

Intro :Revathi is a dynamic mom and consultant, balancing her roles between Kanchipuram and Chennai. She’s not just a mom, but a savvy entrepreneur, earning her the title of “mompreneur”. With two years’ worth of insights shared on her blog #mummaofvikirdhanwrites, she’s known as the Queen of @paruthiee, offering a glimpse into her family’s vibrant life.

2.Rayane R Mithun :@rayanemithun

   Followers :258K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rayane R Mithun is a versatile digital creator known for her expertise in motherhood, fashion, and lifestyle content. Juggling multiple roles as a mama, wifey, sister, and daughter, she’s the founder of @littlestlove.rayanemithun, where she shares her insights and experiences. Additionally, as a newborn care educator, she empowers parents with valuable knowledge and guidance.

3.Docarulmozhi :@docarulmozhi

   Followers :28.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :HappyMomLifestyle is a Chennai-based blogger dedicated to finding joy in everyday life. As a body-positive advocate, she embraces mid-size fashion and celebrates self-love. Balancing her roles as a doctor and a foodie, she shares her journey and insights on her blog. Additionally, she’s the founder of @chennaimomtribe, fostering community and support for moms in the area.

4.Maalica Ravikumar AK :@maalica.ksr

   Followers :112K

   Instagram :

Intro :Maalica Ravikumar AK is a multifaceted entrepreneur known for empowering women as a life coach. Her impactful talks on TEDx stages have inspired many. As the founder of @evergrowthacdmy, she’s committed to fostering personal and professional growth.

5. Smriti :@thesortstory

    Followers :44.3K

    Instagram :

Intro :Smriti specializes in decluttering and organizing through her bespoke service. With a focus on new home setups, she operates in Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Her expertise has earned her features in TOI and IndiaToday. Additionally, she offers virtual decluttering and organizing services globally, catering to clients worldwide.

6.Nalini Sankar| :@nalinizinu

   Followers :68.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Nalini Sankar is a renowned coach specializing in holistic parenting and whole-brain acceleration. With expertise in baby brain development, she has trained over 30,000 parents and 2,000+ students. Offering free training sessions, she empowers families to nurture their children’s cognitive growth and development.

7.Simrit Bedi :@bookwormclubhouse

   Followers :14.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Simrit Bedi is an education professional based in Chennai, specializing in phonics and grammar training for kids. As a reading and creative writing expert, she also offers guidance on parenting. With a track record of training over 3,000 students, she’s dedicated to enhancing children’s literacy skills and fostering a love for language learning.

8.Dimple Surana :@early_momage

   Followers :5,213

   Instagram :

Intro :Dimple Surana, also known as Early_Momage, is a passionate blogger and mom who spreads positivity through her writing. With a love for fashion and a commitment to self-care, she inspires others to embrace positivity in their daily lives. As the founder of @chennaimomtribe, she fosters a supportive community for fellow moms.

9.Usha :@ushathiva

   Followers :9,376

   Instagram :

Intro :Usha is a dynamic entrepreneur and proud mother based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her lifestyle blog reflects her love for travel and her vibrant personality. Holding titles such as Mrs. Cute Smile and Mrs. India Galaxy, she exudes charm and confidence.

10.Vidyashree G :@mindfulmotherhood_

      Followers :8,926

      Instagram :

Intro :Vidyashree G is an entrepreneur and holistic transformation coach, specializing in helping moms unlock their child’s potential through Shloka chanting. As the author and ideator of #theshlokabook, she shares her expertise to empower parents in nurturing their children’s growth and development.

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