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“Top 10 Chennai Travel Bloggers: Discovering the Soul of Tamil Nadu”

1.Vijayalakshmi S :@vije1910

   Followers :417K

   Instagram :

Intro :Vijayalakshmi S is a notable public figure and renowned travel Instagrammer based in Chennai. As a traveler, influencer, and blogger, she shares her adventures across multiple social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. Vijayalakshmi regularly uploads reels featuring travel destinations and food experiences. Her Instagram highlights showcase her diverse travels, from Yercaud to Goa, along with personal interests like her dream car. Additionally, she has collaborated with brands such as 25 Shoppy and Harini Tattoo Studio and Tattoo School in paid partnerships.

2.Idris Ahmed :@idris.explores

    Followers :416K

    Instagram :

Intro :Idris Ahmed is a prominent digital creator and leading travel influencer in Chennai, renowned for his captivating content on Instagram. With a focus on travel and food explorations, he shares his adventures across various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook, where his Tamil-language channel boasts millions of followers. Idris regularly creates reels showcasing numerous destinations and places to visit. His Instagram highlights feature a wide range of topics, from international travels to local events and food challenges, reflecting his diverse interests and experiences.

3.Kaviya Ramakrishnan :@kaviyaartistry_off

   Followers :297K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kaviya Ramakrishnan, a Chennai-based travel influencer and professional makeup artist, showcases her adventures and beauty expertise on Instagram. With a presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Threads, she shares travel recommendations and makeup tutorials. Kaviya’s Instagram highlights include glimpses of her world, celebrity encounters, bridal shoots, and recent accolades, including an award from Iconic Entertainers. She also creates reels focusing on makeup and travel, offering valuable content to her followers.

4.Archana mariyappan :@archana_mariyappan

   Followers :252K

   Instagram :

Intro :Archana Mariyappan, a Chennai-based actress and travel influencer, shares her adventures on Instagram and other platforms. With a passion for exploration, she highlights various destinations and creates engaging reels. Archana has collaborated with brands like Soniafer Makeup and ShoutBarandCafe in paid partnerships, showcasing her influence and reach in the digital space.

5.Farhana Suhail : @newtochennai

    Followers :295K

    Instagram :

Intro :Farhana Suhail, a prominent travel Instagrammer in Chennai, is renowned for her insights on exploring Tamil Nadu and beyond. She provides valuable recommendations on new brands, shopping, food spots, and travel locations. Recognized for her influence, the Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu, awarded her as the Best Influencer in 2022. Farhana’s Instagram highlights cover a wide range of topics, including travel, awards, testimonials, and lifestyle interests like veganism and fashion.

6.Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman ilambarathi :@odysseyoftwo

   Followers :289K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rebecca Roy and Gowthaman Ilambarathi are a dynamic duo of digital creators and Instagram travel influencers based in Chennai. They are recognized as Canon India official ambassadors and EOS Influencers. Their content spans travel, fashion, and lifestyle, with a particular focus on showcasing destinations like Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, and more. Notably, they have also authored a guide titled “Not to Miss in Armenia.” Their Instagram highlights feature a diverse array of locations they’ve visited, including Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Paris, and Colmar, among others.

7.Thamizh Arasan :@tamizh._.arasan_

    Followers :369K

    Instagram :

Intro :Tamizh Arasan, a Chennai-based travel influencer and digital creator, offers budget travel tips, food recommendations, and fashion suggestions. He has a passion for wildlife and shares his adventures on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Tamizh Arasan creates reels showcasing destinations he has recently visited, including Kumbhe Waterfalls, Harihar Fort, and Kuttu Manali in Kodai, among others, providing valuable travel insights to his audience.

8.Anisha Srinivasan :@anisha_srinivasan

   Followers :178K

   Instagram :

Intro :Anisha Srinivasan is a leading Instagram travel influencer in Chennai, known for her captivating reels and stunning photography. Her content spans across travel, lifestyle, and memorable experiences. Anisha’s Instagram highlights cover a wide range of destinations, from Srinagar and Leh & Ladakh to Goa and Bangalore, showcasing her diverse travel experiences. Additionally, she shares insights into weddings, fashion, and personal moments, providing a glimpse into her vibrant life.

9.Deepan Chakkravarthi  :@chennaivlogger

    Followers :106K

    Instagram :

Intro :Deepan Chakkravarthi is a globetrotting travel content creator, specializing in unique and eco-friendly accommodations. His passion for exploring is evident through his drone documentaries, capturing breathtaking landscapes and experiences around the world.

10.Srivatsan Sankaran :@srivatsansankaran

        Followers :24.4K

        Instagram :

Intro :Srivatsan Sankaran is a multifaceted individual, known as a photographer, travel photographer, and blogger. He’s also recognized as a change maker and disability rights activist associated with @who. Srivatsan is the founder of @madrasphotoblogs and serves as a brand influencer for @sonyalphain.

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