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Top 10 Chhenai vloggers


Subscribers :3M

Youtube :

Intro :RishiPedia, founded by Lokesh Rishi Kumar, aka Rishi, delves into social issues, hidden facts, mysteries, and more. With engaging videos, the 25-year-old has garnered a massive following known as “The Rishi Gang.”

2.Mr. GK

Subscribers :1.38M

Youtube :

Intro :Mr.GK creates intriguing scientific videos, exploring topics from superhumans to the science behind love metres. With a wide range of rare facts, his channel appeals to curious audiences. Enjoyed by many students, Mr.GK’s content is fun, interesting, and out-of-the-box, driving growth in viewership.

3.Madan Gowri

Subscribers :7.25M

Youtube :

Intro :Madan Gowri, the rising YouTube sensation, is renowned as one of the most popular digital content creators. He focuses on social justice, politics, inclusivity, and more. Recently, he gained widespread attention when Elon Musk responded to his tweet about Tesla’s launch in India. At 28, Madan is not only winning regional hearts but also gaining global recognition.

4.Pavithra Balakrishnan :@makeupmartini

Followers :94.1K

Instagram :

Intro :Pavithra, a blogger since 2014, is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer. From street style to high-end party looks, she offers a wide range of content, including styling tips, makeup tutorials, and product reviews. With a background in IT, she has risen to become one of the top lifestyle bloggers.

5.Noopur Kalra :@noopurkalra

Followers :174K

Instagram :

Intro :Noopur Kalra, a renowned lifestyle blogger, curates her exquisite taste on Simply Moda. She also owns “The Simply Moda Shop” brand and collaborates with major brands like Guess, Nissan, and GK Hair India. With a stunning design, her blog garners high praise.

6.Niki Verma Rastogi

Followers :48.9

Instagram :

Intro :Niki Verma Rastogi, a fashion enthusiast, runs a refreshing blog covering lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. She promotes brands like Spawake and Plum, offering valuable fashion tips and insights.

7.Harshini Vijayakumar :@harshini.vijay

Followers :63.2K

Instagram :

Intro :She’s a lifestyle, food, and fashion blogger who collaborates with brands like Wella and Dior. Known for her amazing style, her blog is a go-to for trendsetters seeking inspiration and tips.

8.Priyadarshini :@highonstyl

Followers :127K

Instagram :

Intro :High on Styl offers a fresh perspective on lifestyle and fashion, exuding confidence in every post. Collaborating with brands like Usha International and Bluestone, she’s an experienced expert in her field. With bold use of colors and minimalist style, her fabulous lifestyle content captivates audiences, truly embodying her blog’s ethos.

9.Swetha Renukumar :@one_pitch_catch

Followers :132K

Instagram :

Intro :Swetha Renukumar’s blog, One Pitch Catch, epitomizes gorgeousness, beauty, and style. With a bold and unique approach to fashion, she stands out, covering beauty, wellness, fashion, and travel authentically. Collaborating with brands like Crocs India and Daniel Wellington, she’s a prominent influencer in the lifestyle realm.

10.Deepan Chakkravarthi :@chennaivlogger

Followers :107K

Instagram :

Intro :He is  a Travel Content Creator and shows Unique, Eco-Friendly Stays in his blogs.

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