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Top 10 Ahmedabad Influencers and Bloggers

1.RJ Devaki :@rjdevaki

Followers :512K


Intro :Devaki, a prominent Ahmedabad RJ and influencer, mesmerizes her 508K followers with tranquil storytelling and poetry. Her calm tone and elegant style resonate widely. She’s a sought-after speaker at universities and collaborates with lifestyle brands, notably in jewelry.

2.RJ Dhruvi : @rjdhruviiiii

Followers :128K

Instagram :

Intro :

A Gujarati influencer from Ahmedabad, she’s all about comedy and real-life Gujarati family moments. With 125K followers, her loud, funny tone and local lingo make her content a hit.

3.Nitin Jani :@nitinjani24

Followers :5.3M

Instagram :

Intro :Khajur Bhai, a leading influencer in Ahmedabad, is a transformative social worker known for his generosity. With 3.5 million followers, he acts, writes, and directs, making a significant impact on society.

4.Sid Prajapati :@_spindia_

Followers :1.2M

Instagram :

Intro :Sid, with 1.1 million followers, creates hilarious content based on real-life incidents in Gujarati families. With his team, he adds his unique touch by using a specific tone and pitch, setting off a humor riot.

5.Mehulkumar Prajapati :@ahmedabadi_mehul

Followers :381K

Instagram :

Intro :A renowned food blogger from Ahmedabad, he uncovers hidden food gems and shares diverse culinary experiences with his 311K followers. With his unique style and flair, he keeps his audience captivated and hungry for more

6.Ekta Sandhir:@ektainlove

Followers :3.8M

Instagram :

Intro :Ekta, a motivational influencer with 3.9 million followers, uplifts her audience with her inspiring words and captivating voice. She also hosts the podcast “Decoded with Ekta” on Spotify.

7.Aarohi :@iamaarohii

Followers :873K

Instagram :

Intro :A bubbly Gujarati actress and influencer, Aarohi Patel shares snippets from her life and her love for Bollywood on her profile. Occasionally, she collaborates with local FMCG brands or entertainment channels, sometimes teaming up with her mother.

8.Yash Lalwani :@lalwani.yash

Followers :147K


Intro :A rising Ahmedabad influencer, he gained quick popularity with his large team, creating hilarious and relatable content. His series mimicking South Bombay and South Delhi girls is a fan favorite among his 138K Instagram followers.

9.Kushal Mistry :@thatkushalmistry

Followers :1.2M

Instagram :

Intro :Kushal, a beloved Gujarati influencer with 1 million followers, crafts humorous Gujarati content. He occasionally delves into Hindi content and collaborates with fellow Gujarati artists and influencers.

10.Shalini Suthar :@shalu._.suthar

Followers :925K

Instagram :

Intro :An Ahmedabad-based female influencer with 932K followers, she shares lifestyle and fashion content on Instagram alongside her partner Snehu, who is also an influencer. Their content is primarily in Gujarati.

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