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“Top 10 Delhi Food Critics: Culinary Chronicles and Cravings”

1.Karan Dua :@dilsefoodie

   Followers : 1.2M

   Instagram :

Intro :Karan Dua is a passionate food, travel, and lifestyle enthusiast. Follow him to discover the best food spots in Delhi, from loaded paneer bruschetta to veg or non-veg thalis and Jalandhari Omelets. He’s your go-to guide for all things delicious!

2.Sarah Hussain : @zingyzest

   Followers : 603K

   Instagram :

Intro : Sarah is a top food blogger in Delhi, known for her exquisite taste in cuisine showcased on her Instagram page. From heart-shaped pizzas to diverse momo assortments, she explores a wide array of culinary delights. Join her food journey for heavenly food insights and discover new dining spots to enjoy with friends and family.

3.Paresh Gupta : @khaata_rahe_mera_dil

    Followers : 106K

    Instagram :

Intro : Paresh, a passionate foodie, showcases his relentless love for delicious eats through his high-quality feed. Whether it’s crispy samosas or deep-dish pizzas with irresistible cheese pulls, he uncovers hidden culinary gems in the Capital. Follow him for mouth-watering posts that promise to tantalize your taste buds!

4.Shagun Malhotra : @myfoodproject

    Followers :356K

    Instagram :

Intro :Shagun, a data analyst and exceptional food blogger, proudly embraces her passion for food, evident from her Insta feed. From exotic dishes to traditional paranthas, she covers it all. Don’t miss out on her blog for some serious #foodgoals inspiration!

5.Shivesh Bhatia : @shivesh17

    Followers : 2.1M

    Instagram :

Intro : Shivesh, a self-taught baker, exudes immense talent and passion for food, drawing inspiration from culinary icons like Linda Lomelino. His feed features meticulously crafted dessert recipes, accompanied by stunning styling and photography reminiscent of works of art. Each photo is a perfect blend of food and aesthetics, reflecting his harmonious approach to showcasing culinary delights.

6.Udit Batra :@bhukkhadbybirth

    Followers : 144K

    Instagram :

Intro :With a whopping 144K followers, Udit’s feed is a treasure trove of chicken delights and overloaded thalis, showcasing his unwavering passion for his craft. A mere glance through his pictures reveals the ultimate destination for the tastiest butter chicken, chicken kebabs, Amritsari kulche, chole bhature, chicken biryani, and everything a meat lover craves!

7.Nikita Varma : @iamdatingfood

   Followers : 564K

   Instagram :

Intro : This incredibly charming and adorable blogger has taken the phrase ‘food is bae’ to heart by dubbing her Insta handle as iamdatingfood—pretty cool, right? Her blog is a treasure trove of mouth-watering food imagery from the latest hotspots in the capital city and trending food crazes. With a penchant for exploring and sampling various cuisines, her stellar posts are a testament to her culinary adventures!

8.Anish Kapur  :@delhidelites

    Followers : 104K

    Instagram :

Intro :Anish Kapur, yet another accomplished blogger, appears to have a deep affection for Chinese cuisine, evident from his enticing feed filled with images of noodles, Manchurian, chilli potatoes, hearty plates of gravy momos, fried rice, and more noodles. As you continue scrolling, you’ll discover his special fondness for the beloved favorite of every Delhiite—the eternal momos. Bet you’ll be tempted to order a plate right away after glimpsing those captivating pics!

9.Vibhav Dwivedi :@thecravingnomad

   Followers : 52K

   Instagram :

Intro : Vibhav, self-described as confused, sleep-deprived, and an avid coffee enthusiast, also happens to be ambitious—and towering at 6’3, earning him the nickname Mr. Long Legs! His remarkable gourmet journey unfolds beautifully on his Insta feed, brimming with our beloved favorites like chole bhature, momos, samosas, alongside delicious freak shakes, Indian curries, noodles, and a plethora of other delectable treats!

10.Shikha :@chatpati_shikha

      Followers : 171K

      Instagram :

Intro :As her Insta handle suggests, Shikha is all about the chatpata street food scene, and it’s no surprise that 100K Delhiites follow her—after all, we absolutely adore our spicy treats, don’t we? If you’re yearning for a tangy plate of chole bhature, some buttery pav bhaji, or a refreshing glass of creamy lassi, dive into her Insta feed immediately to discover the top spots for some indulgent delights!

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