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“Top 10 Delhi Mom Bloggers: Navigating Parenthood with Wisdom”

1.Ritcha Verma : @ritcha

   Followers : 116K

   Instagram :

Intro :Richa, a corporate communications professional, epitomises elegance and motherhood effortlessly. Her daughter, Baby Aryaa, inherits her charm. Richa, balancing family time with her successful blogging career, shares abundant beauty hacks. With an impressive following of 65K, blogging is undeniably her forte, showcasing her expertise and passion in every post.

2.Teejay Sidhu : @bombaysunshine

    Followers : 816K

    Instagram :

Intro : Teejay Sidhu is the wife of Karanvir Bohra, one of the contestants in Big Boss. With various jobs, including that of an on-screen actor and TV Host, she manages to make time for her family. Teejay Sidhu is one seriously fashion-forward mama who loves to travel along with her husband and twin daughters.

3.Satrupa Sharma : @diapers_and_lipsticks

     Followers : 143K

     Instagram :

Intro :Saru’s Instagram feed is simply stunning! If you’re seeking tips to maintain your beauty and fitness pre and post-pregnancy, look no further than Saru’s profile. She also shares valuable advice on fashion, parenting, and lifestyle. A testament to goal-setting and intelligence, Saru proves that you can gracefully navigate life with a baby by your side.

4.Harpreeth Suri : @momwearsprada

   Followers : 195K

   Instagram :

Intro : Meet Harpreet Suri, famously known as “momwearsprada,” one of Instagram’s most celebrated moms. With her quirky handle and elegant demeanor, she exudes diva-like charm. Harpreet captivates with her impeccable fashion sense and charismatic presence. Her Instagram feed serves as a platform to share insights on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, resonating with fellow fashion enthusiasts. A trailblazer unafraid of challenges, she graced the cover of GlobalSpa magazine, cementing her status as a style icon.

5.Deepali Soam : @myteenytot

    Followers : 233K

    Instagram :

Intro : Deepali Soam, a top-ranked mom blogger and content creator, shares her journey of motherhood with authenticity. Balancing her blogging career with quality time spent with her two children, she provides motivation through her Instagram feed. Deepali advocates for a healthy lifestyle, balancing exercise with occasional indulgences. Follow her for a dose of inspiration and relatable content!

6.Manika mishra : @momnbabydiaries

   Followers : 183K

   Instagram :

Intro : An Indian mom of two, this lifestyle enthusiast is also a seasoned digital marketer. With a track record of collaborating with over 900 brands, she’s a prominent figure in the influencer space. Additionally, she founded a Facebook community with 6K members, where women share and connect.

7.Sumita kapoor : @sumitakapoor14003

    Followers : 208K

    Instagram :

Intro : This individual is a multifaceted personality, excelling in education, parenting, lifestyle, and food-related content. They’re also the creative force behind the popular Facebook community ‘Mommy’s Club’, bringing together like-minded individuals to share insights and experiences on various aspects of motherhood and family life.

8.Garima Bansal : @mommylilworld

   Followers : 141K

   Instagram :

Intro : Garima Bansal, a top Indian mom influencer and digital creator, focuses on lifestyle, food, parenting, education, and travel content. She offers paid collaborations for store visits, event reviews, brand associations, and kids’ lifestyle. Her Instagram highlights include collaborations with brands like Firstcry, Yippie, A&A, Klay, Domino‚Äôs, Lego, Amazon, and more. Garima has partnered with brands such as Life KArts and Sunpure Oil, and provides guides on parenting tips and fashion for kids.

9.Sneha Paliwal :highstreetmommy

   Followers : 174K

   Instagram : highstreetmommy

Intro : Sneha Paliwal, a top mom influencer on Instagram, collaborates with digital creators, marketers, and fashion designers. She’s ranked among the best mom influencers and has partnered with over 850 brands including LuvLap, Zingavita, and Amazon. Her Instagram highlights feature collaborations with brands like Hamleys, Cordelia Cruise, MyGlamm, Pampers, Urban Clap Spa, and more, covering events, fashion, wellness, and travel.

10.Sulata Mitra : @mommyandvihaan

      Followers : 151K

      Instagram :

Intro : Sulata Mitra, a prominent Indian mom influencer on Instagram, is known for her content in lifestyle, travel, beauty, and parenting. Her Instagram highlights include topics like Earthitects, media coverage, travel destinations such as Shimoga, Goa, Wayanad, wellness retreats like Brahmi Wellness, and collaborations with brands like Grand Mercure, Novotel, Cordelia Cruises, and more.

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