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“Top 10 Delhi Travel Explorers: Adventures and Anecdotes”

1.VARUN VAGISH : @varunvagish 

    Followers : 198K

    Instagram :

Intro : Varun Vagish, aka MOUNTAIN TREKKER, boasts 1.01 million YouTube subscribers with 300+ videos. Honored by the Indian Government with a National Tourism Award, he’s on a budget world tour, challenging the notion that travel is expensive. His Hindi videos aim to connect with diverse audiences, sharing his adventures and breaking barriers.

2.Mohit Manocha : @thetravelingdesi

   Followers : 629K

   Instagram :

Intro : Meet Mohit Manocha, also known as Traveling Desi or Maa Da Ladla, an IT entrepreneur who’s passionate about exploring the globe, often accompanied by his mom. With over 25 countries under his belt, including 20 in Europe, he shares budget-friendly travel tips from planning to execution. Don’t miss his incredible journey through Switzerland for just Rs 75,000, covering 10 cities in 10 days – simply amazing!

3.Deepak Gupta : @dg_the_wanderer

    Followers : 144K

    Instagram :

Intro : Deepak Gupta, a Delhi-based motorcyclist, is passionate about exploring India’s trails. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast gearing up for a ride to Ladakh or any distant destination, subscribe to his YouTube channel. His videos are packed with adrenaline-pumping experiences, perfect for fueling your own adventurous spirit on the road.

4.Tanya Khanijow : @tanyakhanijow

    Followers : 988K

    Instagram :

 Intro :Tanya, a globetrotting woman, defies stereotypes by solo traveling around the world. With a passion for epic adventures, she ventures from the fiery deserts of Namibia to the icy peaks of Kashmir, and from the serene countryside of the UK to the vibrant streets of Lodhi Art District. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for an immersive escape from home quarantine, experiencing every thrilling moment of her journeys.

5.Deepanshu Sangwan : @nomadic.indian

   Followers : 141K

   Instagram :

Intro : Deepanshu Sangwan, also known as Nomadic Indian, boasts a feed that many envy. Originally from Delhi but now based in Chandigarh, he made the bold decision to abandon his SSC and CAT preparation in 2017 to pursue his passion for globetrotting. With travels spanning around 12 countries, including Afghanistan and Iran, he captures the beauty of his journeys through hitchhiking and filming. Don’t miss out on experiencing the breathtaking landscapes and adventures in his videos!

6.Anmol Jaiswal : @anmoooolll

   Followers : 814K

   Instagram :

Intro : Anmol Jaiswal, a Delhi University graduate now residing in Gurugram, lives by the motto that life is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page. His budget-friendly videos cater to all, with recent vlogs showcasing thrilling trips to Egypt, Pakistan, and even living inside a bus. Don’t miss out on these adventures—check them out now!

7.Priyanka Chandola : @desigirltraveller

   Followers : 49.4K

   Instagram :

Intro : Priyanka Chandola, a perfect blend of foodie and traveler, boasts around 200K subscribers on YouTube. Her videos go beyond just showcasing final destinations, diving into the nitty-gritty of planning, traveling, and experiencing everything from the ground up. They’re a delightful treat to watch, guaranteed to leave you feeling re-energized from the comfort of your home!

8.Aashna Malani : @aashnamalanii

    Followers : 3.2M

    Instagram :

Intro : Aashna Malani, a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger, strides confidently through life, making each experience count. With her creative flair, she offers a unique perspective on travel, influencing countless individuals with her insights. Not only renowned for her wanderlust, but she’s also established herself as a top fashion blogger in Delhi. Her dedication shines through in her personal blog, covering everything from weekend getaways to thrilling adventures. For serious travel inspiration, look no further—follow Aashna now!

9.Anmol Bhatia : @anmolbhatia_

   Followers : 1M

   Instagram :

Intro : Anmol Bhatia lives by the mantra “Don’t let your dreams be just dreams.” As an influencer, she excels in various domains of marketing, with travel being her forte. Embarking on adventures across the country and beyond, she fills her digital platforms with cherished memories. Anmol’s creativity shines through in her influential marketing contributions, offering valuable content to her audience. For top-notch travel inspiration, don’t miss out on her page!

10. RIYA MAVI : @sugar_hugs15

         Followers : 428K

         Instagram :

Intro :Riya Mavi, a travel influencer, has soared to success fueled by her passion for exploration. Her journeys across India and beyond are beautifully captured, earning her acclaim as one of Delhi’s top travel bloggers, ranking third. For aspiring influencers with a flair for creativity, Riya’s profile is a must-follow. Seek professional guidance from an influencer marketing company in India to further your endeavors.

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