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Top 10 Dog Influencers and Bloggers

1.OREO | The Golden Retriever :oreo_thefluffyboss

Followers :29.3K

Instagram :

Intro :Oreo, the fluffy Golden Retriever, is a beloved pet influencer in India, known for his irresistibly cute and funny antics. Featured in major publications like Hindustan Times and Times of India, Oreo has amassed a large following on Instagram, where he proudly embraces his title as the “Lick Master.” His delightful feed offers a glimpse into his enchanting world, brightening the days of his many fans.

2.Nikki the mumbai girl :@nikki_goldenretriever

Followers :13.8K

Instagram :

Intro :Nikki, the lovable doggo, is famous for her cuteness and endearing antics. She enjoys a pampered lifestyle, with frequent vacations thanks to her travel-loving parents. As a member of #UnitedPawsGroup, Nikki shares her adventures, collaborating with brands like Nimyle, Lizzy’s Delicious, and Dux Nutri Formula, making her a top pet influencer.

3.Millie :@milllie_the_lab

Followers :11.7K


Intro : Millie, the charming pet influencer, lives by the mantra “Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat.” With her adorable antics and relatable routine, she has amassed a large following and partnered with brands like Pill-ohs. Featured in Hashtag Magazine, Millie is a proud member of #UnitedPawsGroup, connecting with pet lovers globally. Her irresistible charm continues to steal the spotlight, making her a beloved figure in the world of pet influencers.

4.Doodle Beagle : @doodle.thebeagle

Followers :302K

Instagram :

Intro :Delightful Doodle, the Beagle pet influencer, is renowned for his gentle spirit and adorable presence. With a large online following, he collaborates with brands like N&D Quinoa and Sivalabel, seamlessly incorporating his cuteness into every partnership. Doodle also entertains followers with cute and funny dog memes while embracing the “Cute” factor and participating in the “75 Soft Challenge.”

5.Raj, Sim & Poppins :@triplesundae

Followers :43.4K

Instagram :

Intro : Meet Poppins, the lively pet influencer who shares triple the fun with his two chill companions. His social media features a variety of content, including delectable pet food recipes showcasing his well-cared-for life. Poppins entertains followers with funny videos and takes them on virtual pet travel adventures across 12 states. With a mix of memes and heartwarming moments, Poppins has become a famous pet Instagram account in India.

6.Dia Seth & Simba Seth :@simbalovesyouu

Followers :56.9K

Instagram :

Intro :Simba, the beloved pet influencer, spreads smiles with his playful adventures on Instagram. Captivating the online community with his “Dogfluencer” lifestyle, Simba promises a daily dose of pawsomeness, sharing fun and adorable content. With a mission to spread love and positivity, Simba’s account blends delight, laughter, and heartwarming moments, making him a cherished figure in the pet influencer world.

7.Nifty :@niftyinanutshell

Followers :39.4K

Instagram :

Intro :Nifty, the adorable Shih Tzu, is a top pet influencer with a stellar engagement rate. Featured in Hindustan Times and Republic World, he’s a star in the pet influencer world. Nifty’s profile features lifestyle, travel, pet parenting, and culinary adventures, blending charm and humor. He offers unique content, including lifestyle tips, travel adventures, pet parenting advice, and food experiences, delighting his followers with a fresh perspective.

8.Joey The Pawsome : @joeythepawsome

Followers :112K

Instagram :

Intro :Joey, the charming pet influencer, shares his adorable journey on social media. As a proud member of the Pawsome Family, his profile is a delightful showcase of love and friendship. With the hashtag #petinfluencer, Joey’s feed captures his playful and lovable self, creating a connection with followers beyond social media.

9.Rocky Bhai Indie Street Dog :@saddakuttarocky

Followers :14.6K

Instagram :

Intro :At just 2 years old, Rocky is the epitome of fun and excitement as a pet influencer. His Instagram offers valuable tips, insights into daily dog adventures, and dos and don’ts of pet parenting. With engaging content, Rocky inspires dog lovers everywhere, showcasing his vibrant personality and making him a standout in the pet influencer community.

10.Babloo :@bubbles_thegoldenretriver

Followers :129K

Instagram :

Intro :Bubbles, the fluffy golden retriever, enjoys eating, sleeping, and playing, often with his owner pulling pranks on him. Known for his captivating eyes, he adores food and delights in new nibbles. His owner, Prassana, created his Instagram account to spread joy, offering pet parenting tips alongside Bubbles’ daily antics.

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