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Top 10 Movie Influencers

1.Abhishek Ashok :@abhi_review

Followers : 562K

Instagram :

Intro : Passionate about YouTube & Teaching.1 Million+ Subscribers on YouTube. We are what we Repeatedly Watch.

2.Shaikh tahir :shaikhtahir_

Followers :150K

Instagram :

Intro :Welcome to the world of fashion and lifestyle photography! I’m not just a photographer; I’m also a skilled cinematic editor. From capturing stylish moments to crafting compelling visual stories, I bring creativity to every project I undertake. Let’s explore the beauty of life through my lens together.

3.Pearl V Puri`:pearlvpuri

Followers :3.2M

Instagram :

Intro :Welcome to my world of creativity and expression! I’m an actor, singer, lyricist, composer, photographer, and cinematographer. From bringing characters to life on screen to capturing moments through the lens, I explore diverse avenues of artistic storytelling. Join me on this multifaceted journey of passion and creativity.

4.Vinay Kumar

Followers :26.9K

Instagram :

Intro :Welcome to my world of vintage moods and cinematic reels. I’m the creative visionary and founder of @KodeBlackCreative, where we specialize in curating nostalgic experiences. Join us at #Wevinked for a glimpse into our unique approach to storytelling.

5.Adnaan Shaikh :@adnaan_07dz

Followers :11.4M

Instagram :

Intro :Adnaan Shaikh is a dynamic social media personality, known for his captivating content and engaging presence. With his charismatic charm and infectious energy, he has garnered a dedicated following across various platforms. Through his creative posts and interactions, Adnaan has become a source of entertainment and inspiration for many, leaving a lasting impact on his audience.

6.Kajal A Kitchlu :kajalaggarwalofficial

Followers :27.1M

Instagram :

Intro :Kajal Aggarwal is a prominent actress in the Indian film industry, known for her versatility and stunning performances. With a career spanning several successful films across different languages, she has established herself as one of the leading actresses in South Indian cinema. Kajal’s charm, talent, and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Beyond her acting prowess, she is also admired for her philanthropic work and advocacy for various social causes.

7.Mahesh Babu :@urstrulymahesh

Followers :13.3M

Instagram :

Intro :Mahesh Babu is a celebrated actor in Telugu cinema, known for his versatility and widespread appeal. With charismatic performances and philanthropic endeavours, he’s a superstar on and off the screen.

8.Tovino Thomas:@tovinothomas

Followers :7.9M

Instagram :

Intro :Tovino Thomas is a versatile and highly acclaimed actor in Malayalam cinema. Known for his intense performances, he has garnered a loyal fan base and numerous accolades. Alongside his acting career, Tovino is actively involved in social causes, making a significant impact both on and off-screen.

9.Prajakta Koli :@mostlysane

Followers : 7.9M

Instagram :

Intro :Prajakta Koli, popularly known as MostlySane, is a renowned Indian YouTuber and content creator. With her humorous and relatable videos, she has garnered a massive following, addressing everyday experiences and societal issues faced by young adults. Prajakta also advocates for causes like mental health awareness and women’s empowerment, making her a beloved figure in the online community.

10.Kalyani Priyadarshan :kalyanipriyadarshan

Followers :5.4M

Instagram :

Intro :Kalyani Priyadarshan is a rising star in Indian cinema, known for her versatile performances across Telugu and Malayalam films. With a strong film background, she gained recognition for her debut in “Hello” (2017) and continues to impress audiences with her talent and charm.

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