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Top 10 Fashion Influencers and Bloggers in Kolkata

1.Aisha Mahdi

Followers :999K

Link :

Intro :Aisha Mahdi is a Kolkata-based fashion influencer, digital creator, and entrepreneur, featured in Forbes India’s “50 Digital Star” list and serving as a Meta brand ambassador. She specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. Her Instagram highlights include collaborations with brands like M.A.C, Gucci, YSL, and Maybelline. Recent partnerships include Luxury Scents and Zivame. She’s active on Facebook and Twitter as well.

2.Priya Priyambada

Instagram: @priya_priyambada

Followers :372K

Link :

Priya Priyambada, a prominent fashion Instagrammer from Kolkata, is also a public figure, digital creator, and entrepreneur. She founded “Mission Dreams” and “Be You Records” and has collaborated with brands like Gucci and Daniel Wellington. Featured on magazine covers, including Bombay Film Production, she’s active across major social media platforms.

3.Sudeshna Simi

Followers :707K

Link :

Intro :

Sudeshna Simi, a top fashion influencer in Kolkata, is renowned for her diverse content spanning beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion. She focuses on showcasing the beauty of Kolkata and has highlighted her travels to destinations like Turkey, Budapest, and Paris. Sudeshna collaborates with brands like ColourPop cosmetics and Flipkart, and she’s active on multiple social media platforms.

4.Srijita Mitra

Followers :1M

Link :

Intro :Srijita Mitra, a leading fashion influencer in Kolkata, is known for her dedication and digital creativity. She’s recognized for her philosophical perspective, believing in the essence of Murphy’s Law in her life. Srijita’s Instagram highlights cover various aspects from fashion to family moments. She’s active on multiple social media platforms and her reels attract significant engagement.

5.Sanhati Giri

Followers : 119K

Link :

Intro :Sanhati Giri, a top Kolkata fashion influencer on Instagram, is known for her diverse content in beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle. She’s a saree enthusiast, educator, and fashion blogger. Her Instagram highlights feature various brands and interests, and she’s active on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Sanhati’s engaging reels keep her audience captivated.

6.Joyeeta Banerjee

Followers :159K

Link :

Intro:Joyeeta Banerjee, a leading fashion Instagrammer based in Kolkata, is also the administrator of the Instagram handle “Bee Influencer Hub.” She creates content across various domains including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food. Her Instagram highlights feature collaborations with brands like Titan, Miniso, and Samsung, covering a wide range of topics.

7.Srijoni Chatterjee

Followers :155K


Intro :Srijoni Chatterjee, a top fashion influencer in Kolkata, is known for her multifaceted talents as an artist, digital creator, and fashion enthusiast. She creates diverse content covering fashion, lifestyle, dance, and travel, with a presence on Facebook and YouTube. Her Instagram highlights feature collaborations with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Garnier, as well as experiences like the Sunburn Festival and travels to South India.

8.Atreyi Banerjee


Link :

Intro :Atreyi Banerjee, a leading fashion influencer on Instagram in Kolkata, is known for her diverse content creation in lifestyle, fashion, comedy, and vines. She embraces a philosophical mission of “Finding Inner Voice… Protecting Inner Child…”. Her Instagram highlights include a variety of topics ranging from doodles to fashion features, reflecting her vibrant personality and interests.

9.Arpita Saha

Followers :222K

Link :

Intro :Arpita Saha, a Kolkata-based fashion influencer and digital creator, produces content in lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. She’s active on major social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where her reels garner significant views. Her Instagram highlights feature collaborations with brands like Mama Earth, ZEE5, and Philips, reflecting her diverse interests and partnerships.

10.Chitra Banerjee

Followers :216K

Link :

Intro :Chitra Banerjee, the top Kolkata-based fashion Instagrammer, is known for her versatility as a digital creator, fashion influencer, lifestyle blogger, and food and travel enthusiast. Active across platforms like YouTube and Facebook, she’s curated a guide on “Classic Couture.” Her Instagram highlights showcase collaborations with brands like Flipkart, Myntra, and Samsung, reflecting her diverse interests and partnerships.

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