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      Top 10 Food Influencers and Bloggers in Kolkata

1.Swarnali Sen

Followers : 50.2K


 Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the best insights into Kolkata’s street food, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Her blog, “Mostly Hungry Flavors 101,” is a must-read for anyone planning a trip to Kolkata.

2.Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

Followers :12.5K


 With his blog, “Gourmet’s Travel Guide,” Rajdeep offers irresistible food recommendations and keeps followers updated on food events in Kolkata and beyond. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for mouthwatering content.

3.Anindya S Basu – @pikturenama

Followers :147K

Link :

Anindya S Basu, the creative force behind Pikturenama, combines his love for photography and gastronomy to showcase Kolkata’s vibrant food culture. Through his lens, he brings to life the stories behind each dish, sharing his culinary adventures with authenticity and enthusiasm.

4.Tanmay Basak

Followers :169K

Link :

Tanmay’s blog, “Fascinating Foodie,” seamlessly blends Bengali and English to share captivating food stories from Kolkata. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for a virtual feast of food experiences.

5.Munching Monks: 

Followers :14.2K

Link :

Founded by Tanmay Basak, this Facebook group shares food stories and increases the visibility of establishments in Kolkata. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily posts tagged with #MunchingMonks.

6.Luna Chaterjee

Followers FB :9.7K followers


 Luna’s blog, “Madly Food Lover,” showcases her passion for food, travel, and Bengali traditions. Follow her on Facebook for diverse content that appeals to a wide audience.

7.Triparna Banerjee

Followers :279K

Link :

Triparna’s blog covers food, travel, and fashion, offering valuable insights and inspiration to her followers. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for a glimpse into “the good life.”

8.Tanwyee Ray

Followers :2,987

Link :

 Tanwyee’s blog, “Foodecstasy,” shares her love for indigenous dishes, fashion trends, and travel experiences. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the culinary world and more.

9. Indrajit_lahiri

Followers :34.2K

Link :

Intro :– With a passion for exploring Kolkata’s diverse culinary landscape, Indrajit Lahiri takes his followers on a flavorful journey through his Instagram feed. From iconic street eats to hidden gems, he captures the essence of Kolkata’s food scene with stunning visuals and insightful commentary.

10.Bong Eats

Followers FB :591K

Link :


 This popular YouTube channel features beautiful and modern videos showcasing traditional Bengali recipes. Follow them for a binge-worthy culinary experience and to learn more about Bengal’s cuisine.

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