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Top 10 Fashion Influencers and Bloggers in Pune

1.Juhi Godambe: (@juhigodambe)

Followers :552K

Instagram :

Intro :Juhi is a Pune-based fashion influencer known for her chic and trendy style. She shares fashion tips, beauty hacks, and lifestyle content on her Instagram and blog.

2.Shreya Kalra: (@shreyakalra1)

Followers :54.3K

Instagram :

Intro :Shreya is a Pune-based fashion influencer and blogger known for her minimalist and elegant style. She shares her fashion finds, styling tips, and travel adventures on her Instagram and blog.

3.Manasi Naik: manasinaik0302

Followers :1.8M

Instagram :

Intro :Manasi is a Pune-based fashion blogger and influencer who showcases affordable and accessible fashion. She shares her outfit ideas, beauty recommendations, and lifestyle tips on her social media platforms.


Followers :123K

Instagram :

Intro :

Kautuka, a former Computer Engineering student turned fashion blogger in India since 2016, is renowned for her keen interest in fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Alongside her blog, she showcases her photography skills and is a passionate advocate for brands like Nykaa, Fingers, and Evocus. Collaborations with major brands such as Daniel Wellington, Tanishq, Starbucks, and Loreal underscore her influence and style prowess.

5.Natasha Shrotri :natasha_shrotri

Followers :126K

Instagram :

Intro :Natasha Shrotri, a prominent beauty, fashion, and travel blogger, showcases her vibrant content on Instagram, elevating the fashion scene. Her authentic approach resonates with a large following, leading to numerous brand collaborations including Surf Meister, Fossil Watches, and Lux. Notably, she has secured significant projects, notably with Jaguar, cementing her status as a sought-after influencer.

6.JUNE BISWAS :junebiswas

Followers :113K

Instagram :

Intro :Ranked fifth among Pune’s top fashion bloggers, June Biswas is a multifaceted influencer renowned for her beauty, fashion, and travel expertise. Her Instagram offers a comprehensive glimpse into her world, from beauty tips to luxurious stays, designer fashion, and delectable food experiences. Major collaborations with brands like KFC India, Marriott Pune, and Titan Watches India underscore her influence. For a refreshing Instagram experience, don’t miss out on following her profile!

7.AASHNA BHAGWANI :aashna_bhagwani

Followers :249K

Instagram :

Intro :Aashna Bhagwani, a trailblazing fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger, challenges stereotypes with her confidence and personality. She’s celebrated nationwide and admired as a role model for body positivity. Her collaborations with brands like Daniel Wellington, Nubella India, Lever Ayush, and Pure Sense highlight her influence and commitment to diversity in beauty.

8.PRANJAL SALECHA :@thegulabigirl

Followers :255K

Instagram :

Intro :Pranjal, a fashionista with a penchant for travel and lifestyle, captivates her audience with her strong personality and impeccable fashion sense on Instagram. As a dedicated promoter of brands like Mevo Fit, Oriflame, Vaya, Foreo, and Sugar Cosmetics, following her promises a gateway to diverse fashion statements and style inspiration. Get ready to elevate your fashion game by following Pranjal!

9.PUJA WANI :@pujawani

Followers :26.8K

Instagram :

Intro :Puja Wani, a young fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, inspires with her creative insights and unique street style fashion. Collaborating with brands like Daniel Wellington, Kayasaa India, and Vanity Cask, she’s garnered nationwide appreciation. With her distinct fashion sense and compelling content, she’s a rising star destined for the top.

10.Akansha Bhargava : akanshabhargavaa

Followers :115K

Instagram :

Intro :Akansha, a traveler, coder, performer, and fashion enthusiast, exudes style and aesthetic on Instagram. With a knack for great fashion sense and posed pictures, she’s a must-follow for style inspiration. Passionately endorsing brands like Myntra, Hershey’s, and Cadbury Daily Milk Silk, Akansha offers free fashion tips to elevate your style game. Follow her for a fresh take on fashion!

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