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Top 10 Hyderabad Mom Bloggers: Parenting Tips and Stories

1.Faiza Anam :@faezah_anam

    Followers :68.9K

    Instagram :

Intro :Meet a multi-talented Indian mom who defies expectations by balancing her career as a dentist with her passion for blogging. With a love for socializing and sharing experiences, she’s a powerhouse in both worlds, inspiring other moms along the way.

2.Monika Saha :@monikablends

   Followers :177K

   Instagram :

Intro :Monika shares her life experiences and passion for healthy eating with her followers. Known for her expertise in creating delicious and nutritious recipes, she’s a go-to for lunchbox inspiration. Follow her on Instagram for mouthwatering dishes from cakes to pancakes!

3.Chhaya Sharma :@indianmommie

   Followers :61.6K

   Instagram :

Intro :Chhaya, a Hyderabadi mom, shares beauty, lifestyle, and parenting tips on her feed. Known for her love of melted ice cream and beach outings with her son, she embraces pregnancy joyfully. Balancing her blogging career and parenthood, she’s a supermom in every sense!

4.Sunitha :@sunshine_smyles

     Followers :60.9K

     Instagram :

Intro :Meet Sunitha, a Hyderabad-based mom blogger and digital creator. Specialising in parenting and lifestyle content, she’s an award-winning and BOI certified creator. Follow her journey for valuable insights and engaging content on family life!

5.Ghazala Naseem :@indianbeautybloom

   Followers :61.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Ghazala Naseem is a prominent lifestyle blogger based in Hyderabad. Her blog covers a wide range of topics including beauty, parenting, food, and health & wellness. As a social media influencer, she shares valuable insights and tips on various aspects of life.

6. Bhagyashree & Eesha :@baby_of_bhagyasrre

     Followers :78.7K

     Instagram :

Intro :Meet Bhagyashree & Eesha, a dynamic mom and daughter duo who are digital creators and influencers. Bhagyashree shares her journey as a mom to a premature baby while covering topics like parenting, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and couple-fun. They are known for their reviews and insights, and they use hashtags like #momblogger, #babyinfluencer, and #reviewer.

7.Namrata Sadhvani :@namratabs

    Followers :108K

    Instagram :

Intro :Namrata Sadhvani, formerly an editor at Momspresso, now runs her personal blog. She’s a volunteer at Sayfty and is recognized as a versatile talent. Known as #nizamimom, she’s been featured on BBC World Service. Her blog covers parenting, lifestyle, and books.

8.Meenakshi Pamnani DB  :@theshimmergirl

    Followers :209K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meet Meenakshi Pamnani DB, a public figure based in Hyderabad. Specialising in fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood, she’s particularly passionate about sarees. Known for leaving a sparkle wherever she goes, she’s a shining presence in the digital world.

9.Kamlesh :@kamstheblessedmumma

   Followers :61.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kamlesh is a mom blogger and digital creator, specializing in child nutrition. As a mother herself, she shares insights on parenting and mom life, along with simple and healthy recipes. Her content spans lifestyle and parenting topics, reflecting her passion for family wellness.

10.Pooja Daruka :@decoding_mommylife

      Followers :77.7K

      Instagram :

Intro :Pooja Daruka, a mom blogger from Hyderabad, shares practical parenting tips and honest recommendations. As an ICF Certified Coach, she shares her experiences and learnings with authenticity and transparency.

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