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Top 10 Hyderabad Foodies: Culinary Adventures and Delights

1.Mohd Zubair Ali

   Followers :444K

   Instagram :

Intro :Mohd Zubair Ali, a passionate food enthusiast and hotel management graduate, is a prominent figure in Hyderabad’s food scene. He’s a food blogger, photographer, admin of HOME HYD foodie group, founder of Hyderabad Food Diaries, and a social media influencer. With a keen interest in food and beverages, his short but impactful journey in the food world has garnered immense admiration and a large following. His insightful write-ups and captivating food photography are appreciated by both audiences and industry experts alike.

2.Ashis Nayak :@fooddrifter

    Followers :28.9K

    Instagram :

Intro :Ashis and Neidhi, known as ‘the food drifter duo’, share a passion for food and travel, reflected beautifully in their blog. Neidhi, a globetrotter, pours her heart into the blog, aiming to introduce people to diverse cuisines and foster appreciation for good food. Ashis, equally enthusiastic about food exploration, is eager to partake in every culinary adventure. Their Instagram chronicles their blogging journey, highlighting the central role of food in their lives.

3.Pallab De :@hydfoodguy

    Followers :40K

    Instagram :

Intro :Pallab De’s Instagram is a vibrant showcase of food and spices, inviting you into a delicious world. Whether it’s a lively party or an elegant dinner, his captivating photos weave magic with words. A connoisseur of beverages, he indulges in extensive food and travel explorations, constantly seeking perfection. As an IFBA award winner and IT professional, he passionately showcases Hyderabad’s culinary scene through his blog, adding colorful flavors to every post.

4.Vaibhav Mittal :@foodtrails_hyderabad

    Followers :121K

    Instagram :

Intro :Vaibhav Mittal, a Hyderabad-based food blogger, showcases his vegetarian food journey on Instagram. As a social influencer and chartered accountant, he’s an inspiration in the food blogging scene. From street eats to upscale dining, his profile offers a diverse range of delectable dishes. With an innocent face and captivating blog style, he’s been making waves in the industry in recent years.

5.Sabyasachi Raychaudhuri :@foodaholix_blog

    Followers :9,221

    Instagram :

Intro :Sabyasachi, a columnist at ‘Taste Trails’ in Indian Express, is a well-known figure in Hyderabad’s food scene. He owns the first restaurant review blog in the city, ‘Foodaholix’, and is a passionate food enthusiast and traveler. His blogs offer fun-filled and informative foodie journeys, covering everything from hidden gems to beloved restaurants. As a food connoisseur, he shares restaurant reviews on platforms like Zomato and Burrp, while also providing tips to enhance your blogging and travel experiences.

6.Ammar Kanchwala :@thewandererfoodies

   Followers :7,070

   Instagram :

Intro :Ammar, creator of ‘the wandered foodies’, is a Hyderabad-based food blogger known for his exceptional storytelling skills. He’s been recognized in the digital marketing domain and honored with the ‘Power Digital User of India’ award. Beyond his professional accolades, his blogging prowess is highly regarded in the industry. Ranked 32nd on Zomato blogs and recommended by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, his culinary adventures charm and inspire food enthusiasts everywhere.

7.Hari Chandana Ponnaluri :@iamharichandana

   Followers :5,235

   Instagram :

Intro :Hari Chandana, a food blogger since 2008, is an ardent lover of Indian cuisine, music, and coffee. Through her blog, “Blend with Spices,” she shares her passion for food, featuring stunning pictures, recipes, and food stories. With her cooking skills and keen exploration of food, she mesmerizes readers and evokes serious hunger pangs. Her page is a must-visit for foodies and cooking enthusiasts, offering some of the best dishes and recipes. Alongside food styling and photography, her blog is a treasure trove of culinary delights.

8.Sanchay gumidelli :@hyderabadfoodexplorer

   Followers :5,881

   Instagram :

Intro :Sanchay Gumidelli, a Culinary Academy of India graduate, is a chef known for his expertise in desserts. However, his Instagram handle, ‘Hyderabad Food Explorer,’ showcases a diverse range of dishes and beverages. Renowned for his tasteful recipes, restaurant reviews, and cooking tutorial videos, he inspires others to elevate their culinary and blogging skills. As a respected chef, his opinions on food are highly sought after, contributing to the food culture with passion and expertise.

9.Javed Mohammed :@thefoodglanzer

     Followers :43.2K

     Instagram :

Intro :Javed Mohammed, a public figure in Hyderabad, is renowned as a food explorer, blogger, and vlogger. With over 20 years of experience in exploring Hyderabad’s culinary scene, he’s considered one of the city’s most trusted food guides. Through his hashtag #AadabHyderabad, he shares his adventures in exploring world delicacies, showcasing his passion for food and his love for his city.

10.Sri Varshini Rao :@food_dopaminee

     Followers :8,662

     Instagram :

Intro :Sri Varshini Rao, a prominent food blogger from Hyderabad, is renowned for her culinary explorations and food expertise. As a dedicated foodie and Google Guide at level 6, she shares her gastronomic adventures and insights with her audience. Through her blog and social media presence, she offers valuable recommendations, reviews, and tips for fellow food enthusiasts. Her passion for food and commitment to sharing her experiences make her a trusted source in Hyderabad’s food scene.

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