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Top 10 Jaipur Food Bloggers: Food Adventures and Culinary Explorations

1.Rishika Rao :@aadiivaasiii

   Followers :58.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Rishika Rao, a passionate food blogger from Jaipur, explores all culinary delights the pink city offers. From spicy savories to sweet desserts, she reviews restaurants and hidden gems, earning her the title of top food blogger. Don’t miss her page for Jaipur’s finest dining experiences!

2.Parth & Priyamvada :@thefoodiepanda

   Followers :30.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :The Foodie Panda, a top food blogger in Jaipur, captivates audiences with creativity and originality on Instagram and YouTube. From street stalls to restaurants, they showcase Jaipur’s cuisine beautifully, providing culinary inspiration to their followers.

3.Ria and Richa :@and.then.i.ate

  Followers :30.2k

  Instagram :

Intro :Ria and Richa, the sister duo behind “And Then I Ate,” are renowned for their inventive food content from Jaipur and beyond. Blogging for three years, they’ve traveled to 23 countries, documenting their culinary adventures and earning numerous brand collaborations. Recognized as a top five blog in Jaipur, their page offers delicious insights into food.

4.Akshya Agarwal :@akshyadigitaldiaries

    Followers :64.1K

    Instagram :

Intro :Akshaya Agarwal, a certified Zomato food connoisseur, is a top food influencer in Jaipur. Her reviews span cafes, street stalls, and more, earning her recognition in magazines like Patrika. Based in Jaipur, her visually appealing content highlights the city’s essence, making her a must-follow for food aficionados.

5.Meghna :@thefoodtrucktravel

   Followers :16.4K

   Instagram :

Intro :Meghnaa, a leading food blogger, along with her team, explores and presents the best of Jaipur’s food scene and beyond. With delectable dishes, stunning photography, and creative content, their blog stands out. Meghnaa’s collaborations with food brands and recognition serve as inspiration to budding bloggers. For serious food inspiration, hit follow on their page!

6.Radhika Agarwal :@thefoodiedevi

   Followers :32.9K

   Instagram :

Intro :Radhika Agarwal, a Jaipur-based food influencer known as the “Foodie Devi,” has captivated audiences with her engaging and authentic content since 2014. Her blog features food recommendations, recipes, and reviews, earning considerable media coverage and a large fan base. Follow her blog for the best of Jaipur’s culinary delights!

7.Anushka :@foodmapjaipur

   Followers :80.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :This unique food blogger delights thousands on Instagram with the best of Jaipur’s culinary delights. Her posts capture the city’s famous dishes, influencing audiences with each mouthwatering content piece. An inspiration to many, she’s established herself as one of Jaipur’s top food bloggers. Follow her for digital food love inspiration!

8.SURABHI SEN MALHOTRA :@bhukkad_ghumakkad.sur

   Followers :62.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Surabhi Sen Malhotra is a Jaipur-based blogger known for her captivating stories of food and travel.

9.Abhishek Rohilla :@jaipur_food_walks

   Followers :104K

   Instagram :

Intro :Abhishek Rohilla is a digital creator specialising in food and travel content. ✨

10.Divya :@jaipurfoodcoaster

      Followers :15.3K

      Instagram :

Intro :Divya is Jaipur’s pioneering food blogger, showcasing the city’s culinary wonders through her blog.

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