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Top 10 Jaipur Mom Influencers: Parenting Stories and Advice

1.Suparna Karmakar :@letsenjoythehappiness

   Followers :101K

   Instagram :

Intro:Suparna Karmakar, a digital creator based in Jaipur, specializes in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and mom blogging. Her content reflects a blend of Indian culture and modern trends, offering insights into diverse aspects of life.

2.Prashali Singhal :@singhallamya

   Followers :124K

   Instagram :

Intro :Prashali Singhal, a recognized creator by BOI, is a lifestyle influencer and blogger based in Jaipur. Under the pseudonym “Lamya,” she shares captivating insights into Jaipur’s culture and lifestyle scene, offering a unique perspective on modern living in India.

3.Prerna Vats :@momwithjeep111

   Followers :89.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Prerna Vats, a digital creator, is passionate about lifestyle, automobiles, travel, and fitness. With a diverse range of interests, she shares her experiences and expertise across these domains, engaging and inspiring her audience.

4.Isha Raghav :@raghavtekwani

   Followers :10.3K

   Instagram :

Intro :Isha Raghav, a digital creator, focuses on lifestyle and motherhood topics. As an influencer, she shares insights and experiences related to parenting and living a fulfilling life, resonating with fellow mothers and audiences alike.

5.Himanshi Deepak Mordani :@himanshimordani

   Followers :34K

   Instagram :

Intro :Himanshi Deepak Mordani is an influential figure in the beauty, cosmetic, and personal care sphere. As a mother of two, she also delves into lifestyle and parenting topics, offering insights and recommendations to her audience.

6.Priyanka pareek :@momlife_love_repeat

   Followers :23.7K

   Instagram :

Intro :Priyanka Pareek, a public figure based in Jaipur, is celebrated for her candid approach to motherhood. Juggling roles as a mom of two and entrepreneur, she shares insights on parenting and family life while advocating for embracing life’s simple joys. As the owner of @phoolbooti.apparels and @phoolbooti.fabrics, she brings her creative vision to life.

7.Apoorva :@apoorvapantuniyal

   Followers :7,609

   Instagram :

Intro :Apoorva’s personal blog chronicles her journey of self-discovery and new experiences. Fascinated by the connection between mind, body, and soul, she embraces the philosophy of trying 100 things before settling, or perhaps never settling at all. Her blog is a testament to her adventurous spirit and quest for fulfillment.

8.Srishty Singh :@slayinggmum

   Followers :27.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Srishty Singh, a digital creator and mom of two, is a prominent fashion mom influencer. Also known as @muasrishtysingh, she showcases her expertise as a makeup artist. As the co-founder of @lil_paisleyybysriansh, she brings her creative vision to life in the world of fashion and beauty.

9.Ayushi A.Godha :@talesofamessymumma

   Followers :4,329

   Instagram :

Intro :Ayushi A. Godha, a digital creator from Jaipur, embraces the messiness of motherhood while sharing her honest parenting experiences. She focuses on reel fashion and advocates for raising kind humans, offering insights and inspiration to her audience.

10.Anandita Agrawal :@crazylilmum

     Followers :123K

     Instagram :

Intro :Anandita Agrawal, a digital creator, shares content centered around family, fashion, and fun. She’s also involved in building @miiraindia, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit alongside her creative pursuits.

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